Wireless Lights Switch Receiver

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  • Cute and Compact – The receiving disc is quite small so you can easily slip it behind your current fuse box or light control case. You’ll barely know it’s in there.
  • Low-Skill Installation – Even for the least savvy leaser, the simple instructions, and color-coded cables make this receiver easy to mount – no technical ability needed.
  • Multiple Connectivity – Of course the receiver can’t work alone – it needs signals to act on. But this receiver can be linked to several switches and control multiple bulbs.
  • Generous Range – The receiver has ‘mild mutant powers’ in the sense it ‘sees through walls and furniture’. Its receiving range is 100 feet indoors and 300 feet outdoors.

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Now let’s let peep inside the casing and show you why we love this wireless light switch receiver.

Wireless Lights Switch ReceiverWhat Wire

You’ve probably seen that infamous scene where our hero is trying to defuse a bomb. With a few seconds on the clock, s/he has to decide which wire to cut … the red or the blue? Of course, the hero is never color blind. And they always make the right guess. And luckily for you, this isn’t a question that will nag you. At least not while you’re setting up this wireless receiver at home.

It’s a simple system that lets you upgrade your lighting system from wired to cable-free. If your hoe has a typical lighting system with a switch near the door, you can use this receiver to add style and functionality without burdening your power bill. Just buy this receiver and connect it to your main power switch. Then buy a set of wireless light switches to go with it.

The switches can send signals through walls, furniture (and human bodies). Indoors, this wireless signal travels roughly a hundred feet. Outdoors – as long as there are no man-made barriers – the signal goes as far as 300 feet. Meaning you can install a receiver near the back door and use it to power the light bulbs in your garden shed or pool house and vice versa.


Smart Securitywireless led light with switch 3

Another interesting use for these receivers is to control the lighting in your ‘watchtower’. If you have a large home or farm with a perimeter fence, you might have security stations at the gate r edges of your property. This wireless receiver allows you to manage the light in that guardroom from up to 300 feet away. But you need a receiver and a switch for that – maybe two.

When you buy this receiver, you get a manual for easy mounting. The receiver contains a red wire that leads to the power source, a blue wire for neutral (earthing), and a brown wire that leads to the light bulb. So as you install it, you’ll need access to your lighting system’s earthing cable. The receiver is built as a small disc that’s 1.9 inches in diameter and 0.9 inches thick.

This small size lets it sit snug inside your fuse box or control panel. Even if you install it on open walls, it will stay subtle and unobtrusive. But the plastic case is designed for indoor use. It’s watertight but it can’t handle strig sunlight or heavy precipitation so pick your mounting spot carefully. This receiver can be paired with several bulbs in multiple styles and wattages.


Wireless Lights Switch ReceiverLotsa Lights And Signals

The receiver has a maximum resistance of 10 to 15 amps so it’s compatible with 1000W tungsten bulbs, 60W fluorescent bulbs, and/or 200W LED chips. And it can operate all these bulbs simultaneously by pairing them with several wireless switches. But remember – while the switch can be 100 to 300 feet away from the receiver, the receiver must be hard-wired to the bulb.

So while your wireless switch placement is versatile, the receiver has to be within the eye-line (or at least the cable-length) of your bulb. You still have a broad range of mounting options though – it can sit n the ceiling, lie on a wall surface, hide inside chandeliers, or tuck into a junction box. It’s also compact enough to be fitted inside switch boxes or multipurpose electrical control boxes.

The receiver has an LED to indicate it’s receiving a signal. We’ve mentioned it works with wireless light switches, and these switches have integrated generators to turn your finger’s kinetic power into electrical signals. These signals are sent to your receiver, which uses the signals to turn your light bulbs on or off. But the receiver does need electricity to power it.


Lean and Green

The receiver doesn’t soak up too much electricity though. Its slimline design runs on AC and can handle 85V to 265V. That makes it compatible with Europe (220V), the US (110V), and everywhere between. And to avoid taxing your power bill, the receiver has an off-button s you can disengage it when you’re off at work or away on vacation. And it works with many brands.

Although the off-switch offers peace of mind, the receiver is still safe even while it’s on. It has been tested and certified by various quality control organizations including the CE, CQC, FCC, and ROHS. And it doesn’t just power bulbs. This receiver can also be used to remotely manage ceiling fans, heaters, air conditioners, (de)humidifiers, and even flat-screen devices like TVs.

Once you step into that territory, you may worry about the internet of things. Especially if you’ve watched any of those gas-lighting psycho-thrillers. But the builders are way ahead of you – this receiver has integrated encryption systems so no one can disrupt or redirect your signals. Your home devices will only do what you tell them to – no hackers or robot revolutions here.


Easy Peazy Pairing

It only takes a moment to connect your wireless light switch receiver. And you can link it to any device within range. But remember 0 your switches may be detached but your receiver isn’t. So before you go poking around in those wires, disconnect your power mains. And if you’re ordering this piece, keep in mind it’s a solo spare part. You need the Full Kit for functionality.

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