Shipping Policy

When you have ordered your best lamp bulb, we know it’s your dream to receive it even the next day. While this is not always the case, we try to make sure you receive the lamp bulb in a good time. Often, depending on where you are, it will take between 5- 8 days to have the lamp bulb at your doorstep.

Mark you; we ship the lamp bulb everywhere across the globe. It will take a little longer, though, if you are in Africa, for example. Even then, it only takes about 12 days.

LUMEN NOW free shipping

All the lamp bulb you find on this website offer you free shipping. Don’t worry about the extra cost you may need to incur on our end. The only fee we don’t take care of is the local custom charges at the borders.

Although we are one of the many other vendors who send you the lamp bulb using the free shipping method, it’s never slow. In fact, it’s the best option to use when sending your products abroad. We use the brands DHL and FedEx. They will not only deliver the goods on time, but they are also safe.

We want you to know that it’s just on infrequent occasions that you can have delays. We don’t expect it to take long on transit, especially when you are within ASIA, Europe, and the US. The only delays are when we have holidays and weekends.

The Important Sellers Reminder

Make sure you have the right address to avoid complications in regards to shipping. Remember, the express method never accepts your post office address.

Recheck the address you gave us again before you finish the order process.  This will help to avoid making changes when the product has left our factories. Often the changes you make will incur extra charges.

Please understand that although we want to deliver the lamp bulb immediately, we can’t. As for international shipping, the process depends much on the express company as well as your countries custom law.

Often, we can’t take full responsibility for the delay in the delivery. This is because the moment you place an order, we start the shipping process in 24 hours. In case there are delays, they will be at your borders or on the shipping company. But no need to worry the express companies offer you the tracking order to be informed of where the product is.

The Tracking Orders

The moment the product leaves our factory, we will mail you to inform you that the Lamp Bulb product is in transit. This makes it easy for you to follow up.

Also, for more information on the order, visit our website to my account, my order, view order, track order. This will show you where the product is at any given time. Also, you can visit the express company for tracking. They do have clear information on where the products are.

In a nutshell

Your products are safe with the two companies we use. They have years of experience in this arena. Thus, you can be sure you will have the Lamp Bulb on time. Bear with us in case there are delays and make contacts when necessary to find out more about the shipping.

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