Types of Light Bulbs

4 Types of Light Bulbs: Which is More Energy Efficient

We’ve all heard the story of Benjamin Franklin and his lightning kites. And most of us know about Thomas Edison’s endless attempts at light bulbs. But these days, there are lots of different lighting options. The bulk of them are driven by aesthetics, but there are other factors too. For the modern consumer, energy-efficiency is more
Lumens vs Watts

Lumens vs Watts: How to Choose the Right LED Replacement Bulb

Electricity has been around for a long time. We’ve known about static electricity since the 1600s, but Ben Franklin didn’t make the lightning connection until 1759. Then we got Edison’s light bulb patent in 1879. At that point, it was all about wattage and voltage. But then in 1962, LEDs were invented, and now that we’re
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