Outdoor Dimmer Switch

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  • Wide Voltage Range – This dimmer works with a broad range of light fixtures. It can take any power range from 10v to 24v without causing short-circuits or electrical faults.
  • Safety Features – At a maximum of 24V, this dimmer is kind to your utility bill. It comes with a built-in surge protector and anti-flicker technology as well.
  • Absolute Dimming – Rather than an on/off switch, this outdoor dimmer lets you adjust light levels from 0% (off) to 100%. And it’s designed to prevent battery drain.
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So let’s explore this outdoor dimmer switch a little more and see what it can do for your yard.

switch6Ambient Outdoors

A few decades ago, dimmer switches seemed like alien technology. We mostly saw them on Star Trek, James Bond, and other futuristic shows. There, they were lumped with such unlikelihoods as clap lights and teleportation. Today, those ideas seem far less farfetched. And because technology has come so far, you can even install these ‘magical mechanisms’ yourself.

Let’s start with this outdoor dimmer switch. It’s a subtle rotary knob that adjusts the brightness of your outdoor lights from zero to a hundred, just by turning the dial. And you don’t need any special skills or electrical training to mount it. The outdoor dimmer switch is basic enough that you DIY the wiring in less than an hour. And the instructions are just as easy to follow.

As a bonus, this outdoor dimmer switch is universal. You can connect it to your existing set-up and it works equally well with CFL, LED, halogen, tungsten, or fluorescent bulbs.  The switch is tailored for outdoor use so it’s rugged enough to handle harsh weather, strong sunlight, or wet conditions. It also has a surge protector built-in to protect from lightning and static damage.

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Subtly Sufficientswitch3

Your outdoor dimmer switch is housed in a plain dark panel so it doesn’t stand out or disrupt your décor. It’s a sturdy but lightweight switch, so it’s suitable for boats, RVs, campers, tiny houses, garden sheds, pool houses, trucks, motor homes, and many more settings. In these scenarios, your outdoor bulbs often attract insects, rodents, birds, bats, and outdoor pests.

These unintended guests might damage your light switch as well as your bulb. That built-in flicker protection keeps your switch (and your light bulbs) safe from interruption or interference. No buzzing or dancing with these lights, even when the weather is humid. The switch uses PMW (pulse width modulation) so it’s safe to use in any outdoor situation.

The switch itself is small and has color-coded cables with clear instructions so you can easily figure out how to wire it. You can connect the same switch to multiple bulbs for convenient control. Because the outdoor dimmer switch is compact, you can easily slip it under the current cover plate of your outdoor light control box. The switch ships with a cover plate included.


switch2Quick Mounting

Installing this outdoor dimmer switch isn’t complicated. And once you mount it, all its wires and cables stay securely tucked and sealed. There’s nothing loose to cause electrical hazards or create an eyesore on your control panel. But this outdoor switch does need to be earthed. It’s a crucial safety measure because there are so many potential barriers from stray sticks to pets.

If you’re good at DIY or have basic electrical knowledge, you can identify the earthing wire on your outdoor lights and make the necessary linkage. But if your earth wire is in a position you can’t easily access or connect, don’t risk making unsafe connections. Instead, opt for an outdoor dimmer that has higher location settings. They’re customized for that exact situation.

That said, depending on where your outdoor lights are, you may need a minor cutout to install your outdoor dimmer switch. The cutout a maximum of 1 and ¾ inches by 1 and 7/8 inches with a maximum depth of 1 inch. The front sits nearly flush against the surface of your wall, but you need an inch of clearance behind the switch to accommodate your wring and hide your screws.


Clean and Classy

Being an outdoor light switch, the dimmer is likely to get dirty. It may get stains from mud, insect residue, or sweaty hands. Plus it may collect condensation and dust. The switch is a neutral dark shade so it won’t show dirt, watermarks, or fingerprints. And the rotary knob has spiral grooves on it so it’s less likely to clog, stick, or slip when your hands aren’t pristine.

And the gray stainless steel accents are pretty as well. This outdoor dimmer switch has extra versatility because you can mount in two ways. You can set it up from scratch with a cut-out, flush positioning, and concealed cables. Or you can attach it to the existing control panel built by your OEM (original equipment manufacturer). But double-check your warranty first.

Why? Because while this outdoor dimmer switch can work with most lighting set-ups, some brands may void your warranty if you modify their product – even if said modification has universal spare parts. Also, if you’re mounting your outdoor dimmer switch on an existing OEM control box, you don’t need the included cover plate. The switch has a max rating of 7 amps.


switch5Sweet and Simple

If you’re looking to upgrade your outdoor lighting system, this outdoor dimmer switch is the perfect solution. You can connect it to your mains, attaching it to the outside of existing outdoor switches. Or you can set up a fresh connection, sealing your wires behind the included cover plate. This outdoor dimmer switch suits everything from LED strips to strings of fairy lights.

The dimmer goes from 0 to 100% with no power leaching, no buzzing, no fuss, and no flickering. It’s simple to install and you can power he switch using anything from 10V to 24V DC. This dimming range lets you set mood lighting for romantic dinners or floodlighting for your tailgate event. And the dimmer works in both stationary yard settings and mobile RVs, boats, or trucks.

So when you want a quick and elegant fix for your ambient lighting challenges, get this outdoor dimmer switch and watch your light levels, style quotient, and property value rise in minutes.


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    Great. Strudy
    5 out of 5
    November 24, 2020
    This dimmer is very smooth and easy to install. i put it in the teardrop i'm building for my wife and it looks and works great. directions are clear t...More
    This dimmer is very smooth and easy to install. i put it in the teardrop i'm building for my wife and it looks and works great. directions are clear to follow. make sure to sure to use a fuse.
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