Return Policy

We have a protocol in this regard, but we do accept the return policy. We know that for different reasons, you may want to return the product.

We further want you to be satisfied and come back again. That’s why when necessary; we accept the products.


Have the Following in Mind

You should email our sales team soon as you realize that the product isn’t what you wanted and that you wish to return it. Don’t return the package without communicating with us first because then we have the right to say no.

We must receive the package within the 15 days of receipt of your order. A day more will mean we don’t take the package.

Keep the items in their original stature. We will check the item, so please don’t use it, destroy the package,  even damage the tag. In short, don’t subject it to any form of damage. We don’t sell second-hand products; thus, we want it in its original state.

Once you have requested for the return and we get back to you, then ship the product to the address we provide.


When Returning the Product

If we sent you a gift as well, you would need to return it alongside the package.

To begin, email our sales team to let them know of your intended return. Use the order number to make the sales team know the product you are talking of. Give us 24 hours after that to reach back to you.

Send the photos too for us to see the state of the product to confirm that it’s ours.

When you receive a go-ahead, immediately begin the process of shipping since you are counting days. In most cases, you will cater to the shipping cost.

When we receive the item, we will inspect its state, and if everything is fine, then the refund process begins.

We will communicate with you via email for the question of refund. But expect to receive the refund in 3-4 working days.

Make sure you haven’t use the product if you want to receive the refund even faster. Our only aim is to get the product in its original state.


Am I Going to Cover for the Shipping Cost?

We will cover the expenses if:

If we are the ones who sent the wrong products, then we cover all the shipping costs. But we have to prove this to be true.

We also cover shipping costs if we sent you the wrong quality product. If we can prove this to be true, then yes, we ship it back.


We won‘t cover shipping if:

If you don’t like the product, then you have to cover for the cost involved.



Why are the extensions non-refundable if opened?

When you return the products, we still will sell them to someone else, that’s why we want you not to tamper with is breakable.

Can I use any shipping method?

The ones we prefer are DHL/FedEx because they are trackable and fast. You will see when the product reaches our doors. It’s all for integrity purposes.

Will I pay for the shipping?

I bet we have talked about this in detail above. So, you will often be charged the shipping cost. But remember to indicate the RETURN NO DUTY note on the product. Otherwise, the shipping company may charge you more.