Wireless Light Switch Kit, No Battery & Wiring, Waterproof

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  • No-Fuss Installation – You don’t have to drill, rewire, or tear up existing surfaces. You don’t even need an electrician – you can do it all yourself.
  • Multiple Connections – Depending on how you set it up, you can use the same wireless light switch kit to control multiple bulbs and light fixtures.
  • Versatile Positioning – Because there are no cables to link, this wireless light switch kit can be mounted anywhere. It doesn’t have to be near the power outlet.
  • Safety Features – This wireless light switch kit has no loose cables or hanging wires so there’s nothing to snag or trip over. This makes it safer for kids and pets.

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But why exactly should you consider buying and installing this wireless light switch kit? Let’s dig a little deeper and find out why it’s the right solution to your household lighting challenges.

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In the past, remodeling your home was a dramatic affair. You’d have to break ceramic tiles, and wooden floors, and take a sledgehammer to your drywall. So unless you owned the house, you couldn’t make any dramatic changes without risking eviction or arrest. And even in your own home, you’d still have to follow the rules of your homeowners’ association or local council.

But with fewer people owning homes, the refurbishment industry has developed new ideas. This is especially important for practical tenants who want a home they love. It’s now easier than ever to switch up your home décor – pun intended. You just need spray cans and smart lighting.

A fresh coat of paint (or a few accent walls) and a new set of lights will completely convert your home. And because you don’t want to blow your budget on electricians, consider something like this wireless light switch kit. You can install it yourself so it adds style and cuts costs.

Red Wire Blue Wire3 way wireless light switch kit

Your wireless light switch kit has no visible wires. So it doesn’t connect to the cable hidden behind your wall. It’s a surface-mounted light switch kit that you ‘plant’ directly on the wall, floor, shelf, or any mounting surface of your choice. And it sits just as easily on wood, tile, concrete, or stone. This lets you apply the wireless light switch kit to multiple settings.

The set-up is simple. The wireless light switch control box is housed in a small puck-shaped disk with color-coded wires. The instruction booklet will guide on which wore connect where and the control box sits at a convenient position. This control box then sends wireless signals to your switch, allowing you to manage your lights at our convenience. It has several set-up options.

For example, if you’re mounting the wireless light switch kit for a large hallway or staircase, you can use the same switch to control multiple bulbs. This is ideal for recessed can lights that may dot the ceiling in a large auditorium or hallway. You can also position these recessed lights closer to the floor and use one switch for ambient ‘foot lighting’. It’s awesome for mood settings.

Wireless Light Switch, Wireless Remote, 3-Way (Switch Only)

Bedside Boudoir3 way wireless light switch

On the other hand, if you want to use the light in your bedroom, office, or study hall, you can use a single control box to link two or more switches. That way, you can turn on the light using the switch next to the door, then turn it off using a secondary switch beside the bed, next to the desk, or closer to your work station. You can even mount the switch on your desk or headboard.

If you were the type of kid that loved turning the lights on and off, you probably got a few spankings and time outs. You might even have buzzed your fingers once or twice. Hopefully, you didn’t trigger any electrical fires. This wireless light switch kit eliminates all those issues while still letting you play with lights. It has a large click button that converts kinetic energy.

Instead of using a DC battery or plugging into your home’s electrical system, it uses the ‘manual energy’ of your finger. When you click the top area of the button, kinetic energy transduces into electrical energy. This triggers a wireless signal that completes the circuit. It activates the LED indicator ad turns on the light. Clicking the bottom of the switch reverses the process.

Less Fuss Less Messwireless led light with switch4

One of the trickiest things to clean is a light switch. We touch them hundreds of times a day and rarely wipe them so they get sebum, grease, and gunk over time. With this wireless light switch kit, the clickable section is much larger so it won’t get as messy as a typical finger-sized switch. And because the switch is smooth and glossy, you’ll be prompted to clean it more off.

The switch is waterproof so you don’t have to worry about shocking yourself when your hands are wet or sweaty. And because it doesn’t use AC or DC, it’s one of the greenest light switches on the market. And it’s easily the last switch you’ll ever buy because it lasts up to 20 years. The back of the control box has directions on usage and voltage requirements – be sure to double-check.

It’s crucial to verify your bulb type and settings. Why? The style and circuitry of this wireless light switch kit are versatile. You can connect it to anything from chandeliers to pencil lights, but the power usage varies. It can control a 200W LED, a 600W fluorescent, or a 1000W tungsten bulb. The pairing process is easy though – 3 seconds to set and 10 seconds to verify.

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It doesn’t matter the type of bulb you have – halogen, neon, or CFL – this switch can manage them all. The wireless light switch kit ships with screws as well so you have everything you need to mount it. You can even use the switch as a portable unit and carry it as you move around the house. You’ll just switch the set-up – pun intended – so that it’s compatible with different rooms.

This way, that same wireless light switch kit can control the light bulbs in your kitchen bedroom, or attic, reducing your overall wiring and lowering the risk of electrical faults. Plus, you can use it for a supplementary ‘remote control’ unit for lamps that have pull-chains or central switches.

It’s a wireless kit so it does have a distance range, but the signal safely passes through walls, windows, and furniture. Don’t worry, they won’t give you cancer – they’ll just light up your home. The switch has an indoor range of 100 feet and an outdoor range of 300 feet, so size does matter. It transmits 433mHz at 10 amp and has a maximum resistance load of 16amp.

This wireless light switch kit is easy to install, convenient to use, and doesn’t bug your power bills. It comes with self-adhesive tape for fuss-free installation and it’s waterproof as well.

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