White Dome Light for Cars

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Powerful 12 Volt DC Dome Light with On/Off rocker switch.

Size 5″ x 5″ x 0.8″, powerful LED array projects super bright lighting.

Directly wire to your boat, RV, truck, car, or utility vehicle 12 Volt power.

The LED broadly distributes lighting. Ideal for utility use anywhere you need extra light .


White Dome Light for Cars3ltra thin LED spot light. great LED Interior light for camper van,lorry,caravan,bus,boat VW T4 T5 and multiple transporter. super bright warm light gives a hole new comfortable experience. low energy consumption ,long working life. easy to set up,but might need to drill some holes .

Versatile Use
The round-shaped light works well as under-cabinet lighting or to make stored items in a closet or pantry more visible. It also comes in handy in a dark stairwell or hallway. The light also proves useful when out and about, whether in the car, on a boat, in an RV, or when camping.


White Dome Light for Cars2Easy to Install
For fast, easy installation, simply use the supplied screws to mount the light onto. Best of all, the tap light turns on/off with just a touch.
In addition to providing everyday lighting, the tap light can also be quickly detached for use as a portable emergency light. The attractive tap light offers a sleek, simple design that complements any decor.

Better than Ordinary LED
LED floodlight technology is a blend of special LED and lens technologies that create enhanced and more useable light. ordinary LEDs emit a highly concentrated beam of light and illuminate only a small area. they also provide very little ambient light–the area outside of the beam is dark. ordinary LEDs also emit a “hot” light, which produces glare and can cause eye-strain.

White Dome Light for Cars1Working power: 5 W
Working Voltage: 12 V DC
Size: 12.8*12.8*1.7 CM(L*W*H)
Color: White
Operation temperature:-20°C~+50°C

LED floodlight technology, the next generation of lighting technology, offers a smarter choice. It delivers an ultra-wide beam of bright, glare-free light, so you can see more. It also provides even and balanced illumination over a wide area, so you can see better and more comfortably–no more eyestrain or discomfort.




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