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  • Fuss-Free Installation – You don’t need to tear up existing hardware, pull away your wall times, or drill your drywall. The switch mounts easily with adhesive tape and screws.
  • No Power Needed – This wireless light switch doesn’t need an electric plug, batteries, or any external power source. It uses kinetic energy so your finger does all the work.
  • Green and Power-Friendly – Because this wireless light switch doesn’t consume electricity, it won’t add to your carbon footprint or emit toxic fumes, or release waste.
  • Zero Interference – Yes, this is a wireless gadget. But its signals have a broad range, both indoors and outdoors. Their built-in encryption systems prevent disruption.

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This wireless light switch already sounds immensely impressive, but let’s peek under the lid.

Wireless Lights Switch ReceiverNice and Neat

Remember your first studio apartment? Or maybe it was a college dorm room. It may not even have been your room – or your house. But you probably remember grinning at the crude lighting set-up. It was probably a flimsy, jerry-rigged cable running from the bulb in the middle of the room. And it probably led to a make-shift beside the bed. It was convenient but messy.

Luckily, you’re no longer forced to use such inelegant solutions to your lighting problems. Instead, you can upgrade your lighting set-up with a simple stick-on light switch. This is a quick and simple light fix. If you already have a lighting system with a main switch that probably at the doorway, you can use this wireless switch to add an extra control point near the bed.

This wireless switch is also useful for hallways, kitchens, or living rooms, staircases, or any space that has multiple access. You can use the switch to install additional light control beside the back door or front entrance in areas that have two or more entryways and exit points. This switch comes with self-adhesive tape and mounting screws so you don’t have to spoil the surface.


Fast and Simple DIYWireless Lights Switch Receiver

The switch doesn’t need a cut-out – you can pick and spot and install it directly. But it does require some screwing so confirm the position before installing. It should be at eye-level for doorways and staircases. But for bedside lamps or study desk switches, you probably want it closer to waist level so you can touch the button without getting up or leaving the bed.

This switch is convenient and versatile because you can fix it anywhere. Since it doesn’t use electricity or batteries, it doesn’t affect utility bills and it doesn’t have to be near a power plug. It works by turning kinetic energy into wireless electrical signals. When you touch the top of the switch, your ‘finger-power’ finishes the circuit and sends a wireless signal to the bulb.

But it’s important to remember that this is only half the equation. This power switch needs a receiver to pick its signal and communicate with your light bulbs. So if you already have a switch and a bulb in place, then you can buy two or more of these wireless switches to complete your 3-way set-up. Otherwise, buy the receiver separately or buy a comprehensive switch kit.


wireless light switch and receiver 8Waterproof and Flicker Free

You’ve probably stumbled out of the bathroom or into the kitchen with soaked or sweaty hands. Then you absently touched the light switch and felt a slight buzz as the current ran through you. At best it was a slight jolt. At worst, you saw sparks and triggered an electrical fault – though if your house has a trip system, it may have shut your power and engaged the circuit breaker.

With this wireless light switch, these scenarios are unlikely to play out. One, the switch itself has a large surface area. Instead of a tiny finger-hold, the clickable section covers close to 98% of the device. So your finger is less likely to slip and trigger a trip. Also, the switch is sealed inside waterproof housing so whether it’s a humid bathroom or a steamy summer day, you’re safe.

The switch will never attract condensation or let moisture into its casing, so it’s the safest switch around. An LED indicator glows green when the power is on. It’s a useful feature for three-way connections because when multiple switches control the same bub, you can’t always be sure which switch is on or off. To turn off your light, click the lower section of the wireless switch.


wireless led light with switch 3Optional Remote

In theory, all wireless switches offer remote control because they’re not physically hard-wired to your bulbs. But if you want to point a remote controller at your bulb (or your witch) you’ll have to buy the remote controller separately and pair it with the switch, the receiver, and the bulb. The wireless switch we’re looking at here is more of a ‘spare part’ for damaged light switches.

You can also buy it as an accessory to supplement your existing switch. It’s compatible with many lighting brands, and it’s a low-maintenance switch that won’t burden your power bills. You can set it up yourself, and with an indoor wireless range of 110 feet and an outdoor range of 320 feet, you can mount it anywhere. But remember, this switch is designed for covered lighting.

Meaning while the case is waterproof, it won’t stand up to outdoor conditions. So if you’re using it outside (or in a detached garden shed, pool house, or security booth), mount it at a spot that’s protected from wind, rain, and pests with opposable thumbs. You don’t want the squirrels or raccoons getting at it. And yes, you can link multiple switches to a single receiver unit.


wireless led light with switch 7Long Life Lighting

These wireless light switches are covered by a 20-year warranty and they can last much longer. They don’t use electricity and they don’t need much attention – just wipe the outer casing to remove visible dirt. The wireless signal can pass through walls and its signal has built-in encryption so no, bored and idle hackers can’t hack your light bulbs like they do on TV.

This switch can be mounted as a permanent wall switch (with screws), stuck onto a leased space (using the included self-adhesive tape), or carried as a portable switch that controls multiple bulbs around the house. But in all three cases, it needs a receiver so don’t forget to buy one!



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