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  • IP 65 Rating – The ceiling light has a tightly sealed body that keeps out dust and low-pressure splashes. So it’s safe from pothole puddles and small seaside waves.
  • Even Lighting – This light gives off a warm glow that mimics daylight. It doesn’t flicker or waver no matter how big the waves are – or how rough the road is.
  • Convenient Controls – Each can light gives off 340 lumens. The lights are compatible with universal dimmers so it’s easy to adjust light levels inside the cabin.
  • Unobtrusive Design – Even if aesthetics aren’t a priority for you, boat and RV cabins have limited space. The slim-line design of this ceiling light is perfect for tight quarters.

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Now let’s go beneath the housing and find out what else is remarkable about these lights.

All Cans No Rattlesboat8

We’ve come a long way since the days of sore saddles and bumpy carriages. These days, when we’re inside a car, train, plane, or even a boat, we’re often completely comfortable. So comfortable that we forget the speeds we’re moving at and the vibrations involved. Inside a car, the ride is so smooth that it seems stationary. But if you stick your head outside, it’s chaos.

Part of what makes your RV or boating experience so soothing is accessories. And recessed ceiling lights are a big part of that. After all, boats and RVs are transportation vehicles, but they’re also living spaces. The cabin is sometimes dark and can even be claustrophobic, and lighting makes or the difference. You want visibility without glare or eye strain.

You may also want to let some daylight in because these cabins rarely receive natural light. This particular RV/boat recessed ceiling light has a color temperature of 3200K. It’s approximately the hue of mid-morning daylight, the kind of sunshine you expect at 9 or 10 am on a clear cloudless day. And because these are interior ceiling lights, that’s just the right tone.

Lights On Heat Offboat4

Traditional tungsten lights typically give off this kind of warm, yellow light. But the RV/boat recessed ceiling light isn’t a filament light. It uses LED bulbs instead. LEDs have two advantages in this situation. Their lighting diodes are hundreds of times smaller than tungsten filaments or even coiled fluorescents. So they occupy far less space and maintain their slim-fit look.

Two, LEDs emit less heat than any other kind of light. So your RV/boat recessed lights won’t raise the temperature inside your cabin. This is an interior light though, so even if it’s mounted on a boat, it won’t be exposed to excess moisture. So yes, its IP 65 rating is sufficient. It can survive indoor condensation and the occasional soda splash as you fly over a road bump.

This rating means your can lights are safe from water vapor and from light multi-directional splashing. The ceiling light is sealed in a solid, heatproof, moisture-proof casing that can withstand rust, sea salt, corrosion, and chemical damage. These are essential features for boat lights which may be exposed to sand, jetsam, flotsam, crushed shells, and other marine debris.

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Rough Housing For Rough Roadsboat1

As for RVs, the corrosive materials are more likely to be household cleaners, automobile chemicals, and even the occasional beauty product. Ceiling splashes are coming because of all the bumping and shaking as you drive. The sealed housing protects the bulb while keeping your ceiling easy to clean. And because they’re recessed, there are no dropping cables or chains.

It’s an essential part of mobile cabin décor. Remember, this truck or boat is almost constantly in transit, so hanging power cords and swinging light bulbs create safety hazards. This RV light is encased in sleek, stainless-colored housing that maintains an understated but stylish silhouette. It matches any kind of décor while staying modern and minimalist. And it’s low-maintenance.

The look of this light is brushed steel but it’s constructed from lightweight aluminum. This prevents excess ceiling weight that may damage your cabin roof. It also lowers the overall weight of your boat or RV cabin. This recessed lighting is packaged as a set of f4 puck lights so you get a total of 1360 lumens. But because they’re LEDs they only consume 12V.


Firmer Fix Longer LifeWhite Finish, Warm White7

It’s easy to install these lights on the ceiling of your boat or RV. They come with pre-attached stainless steel clips that effortlessly click into place. The clips also help with heat dissipation so they keep the lights cool – and the rest of the cabin as well. You may need to do some cable work but you won’t need to replace t regularly because the LED chips are designed for4 extra-long life.

This is a ‘warm yellow’ light rather than a cold white fluorescent. But being an LED, it stays cool regardless of that warm fuzzy ambiance it creates. The CRI of your RV/boat recessed LED light with CRI 85+ so it’s a comfortable ‘living light’ but may not be ideal for fine-detail work because it won’t reflect colors in their ‘natural shade’. The four lights are evenly spread on the ceiling.

Within the bulbs themselves, diodes are distributed around the housing and carefully positioned. This ensures your can lights don’t have hotspots or cold spots. The lights are also proven to be flicker-free. We tend to associate fluorescent lighting with clean, white, modern moods and yellow tungsten with warm, cozy, rustic rooms. This ceiling light merges both.


Brighten Up Your Motor Homelumennow

Whether you live in a tiny house or a boat, this set of four RV/boat recessed ceiling lights is ideal. It illuminates evenly with no hotspots and the frosted lens prevents glare and reduces eye fatigue. The lights are easy to install using a cut-out and stainless steel spring clips.

And while these can lights give off warm yellow light, they emit less heat because the bulbs have LED chips instead of heated filaments. And because they’re compatible with dimmers, you can go from daylight to dark with a gentle wrist flick. So slice that ceiling and mount these lights!

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Neutral Light 4000K, Warm White 3200K

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