RV Boat LED Reading Light DC12V 24V Hard-Wired

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  • Double Mode – The reading light can be white for detailed work or red for mood lighting. ‘Red mode’ is also useful as a nightlight for that midnight bathroom break.
  • Charger Port – Your reading light has a USB charger on the base so you can easily charge your phone, tablet, or any other USB device without interrupting your work.
  • Multiple Angles – This reading light swivels 350° and you can adjust it at right angles as well. It’s especially useful when you’re reading in bed or lazing on the lounge.
  • Easily Adjustable – Apart from angling your light and pointing it in the right direction, you can conveniently brighten or dim your reading lamp.

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Let’s see what other benefits you can get from this reading lamp and why it’s right for you.

light8No More Strain

Some people see boats and mobile homes as a luxury. They let you travel across states, nations, and oceans without paying for motels or buying expensive food. It’s a dreamy lifestyle, especially for millennials, hipsters, wanderlusters, and empty nesters. That’s probably why houseboats and wheeled tiny houses are getting more popular – especially with today’s gig economy.

But RVs and boathouses are more than just a roof over your head. Given the right accessories and décor, your houseboat or RV can be more stylish and comfortable than any celebrity tour van. And if your RV or boat is stationary, it might be parked at the dock or back yard.

In such cases, this ‘portable home’ might double as a spare room or home office. So its amenities matter even more. That said, the construction of boats, truck cabins, and RVs doesn’t focus on natural light. The designers assume you’ll mostly be driving, sailing, or sleeping, so they don’t pay too much attention to lighting. They think that’s something you’ll figure out on your own …

Read It Rightlight3

An RV/boat reading light is the perfect solution to this dilemma. And this model is especially helpful for a variety of reasons. It’s a swivel light that turns 350° on its axis. So when you need a wide arc of light, you can point the light towards reflective surfaces like mirrors, stainless steel appliances, or even a glossy ceiling and floor. This pushes the light further and makes it brighter.

But when you want to focus on a specific task like reading a book or threading a needle, you can twist the light to illuminate your narrow workspace. You can also point the light straight up, down, left, or right at a 90° angle. Combining these two features – the swivel function can the vertical turn – you can broaden or narrow your light beam to focus or to fill the whole cabin.

This reading light is essentially two lights in one. It has a red-light function and a white light function. Both red and white segments can be brightened or dimmed using the single control button. Press the button once to switch the light in or off. Press the rocker to toggle go from white to red. Long-press (i.e. hold it down continuously) to raise or lower illumination levels.


Mood Managementlight4

We all hate stubbing our toes on furniture at night. Especially during that half-dozing bathroom trip. So when you have to go but you don’t want to disrupt your sleep patterns, you can engage the red lamp. It will light your pathway without over-waking you. The red light is also useful as a nightlight for kids, elders, or invalids who may be wary of staying alone dark.

The red light is cozy too, when you want some special alone time with your partner. And on a more practical note, when you’re driving or sailing, the exterior sections of your RV and boat could be glaringly bright. To avoid straining your eyes when you duck into the cabin, you can use the red light and give your eyes a few moments to adjust to the shift in lighting.

This reading light is hard-wired and it uses 12 to 24V of DC. Its wiring will be linked to your RV or boat battery, and it’s a power-saving lamp so it won’t drain your battery. You can gradually switch to the white side as your eyes accommodate the shift. It’s a warm white that’s bright enough to read or sew but it won’t strain your eye muscles or bother your senses.


Quick Engagement

As we’ve mentioned, jumping from red to white is simple. There’s a rocker button at the back of the bulb housing. Tap it gently to make the transition. This reading light is made of aluminum so it’s light but durable. It won’t put any unnecessary pull on the RV or boat ceiling. The lamp itself has a small footprint – the base disc is 0.8 inches thick and 2.6 inches in diameter.

At its longest point, the reading light measures 3.5 inches and at its widest, it’s 2.9 inches. It installs in a clean, non-fussy way with no exposed cables. The USB port at the base lets you conveniently charge your reading device whether it’s a smartphone, e-reader, or tablet. So before you mount your reading light, find the perfect reading position, and test your angles.

This reading light has a glossy case so it’s easy to clean and maintain. The LED bulb is sunken to reduce glare and protect your lighting chip. The red and white lights work independently so if one happens to get damaged, you can still use the other side. But both lights are designed with long life in mind. They are hardy enough to handle rough roads, bumpy boats, and wavy seas.

Fast and Flexible

When you buy this RV/boat reading light, you get all the screws and pieces you need for installation. It may require a cut-out of 1 and 3/8 inches but the screws will remain canceled for both beauty and safety. The functional section of the light is copper and aluminum while the finish is slow-fading chrome. The sparkling chrome adds a pleasant glint to darkened interiors.

And while the red section is dim and gentle, the white reading mode gives you an impressive Cri of 82+ and emits 200 lumens throughout your living space. The color temperature is 3000K at its brightest setting, which is roughly the type of daylight you experience at 9 or 10 am. This is a surface-mounted permanent reading lamp, so pick its position carefully before you mount it.


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