Stylish Headboard/Wall Mount Reading Light (A2)


Bedside manner is largely driven by bedside decor, and here’s why you need to buy this lamp:

  • Durable LED Bulbs – Our bedside reading lamps are built to last several years before you even think of changing the bulb.
  • All-Round Access – The light bulb housing can spin 360° on its axis so you can point it any way you like. The neck of your light also turns 360°.
  • Wider Arc of Light – The bulb is hidden behind a dimpled window that spreads light more diffusely than our narrow-beam models.
  • Neat Mounting – There are no exposed screws or wires for naughty little hands to mess with so there’s less chance of electrical accidents.
  • USB Charging Port – The Stylish Headboard/Wall Mount Reading Light (A2) reading light doubles as a convenient bedside charger for phones, wireless earbuds, and other smart devices.


Are these features enough to persuade you? No? Then let’s dig into this a little deeper.


Stylish Headboard Wall Mount Reading Light 6LEDelite for your Bedside

Depending on how your home is wired, the power outlets in your bedroom are fewer and the power levels are lower. This is because most bedrooms have limited appliances. You might have an electric blanket or a room heater. Maybe even a fireplace or AC system. Some homes have a TV in their rooms. But unless you have a master en-suite, you don’t use much electricity.

This is why LED lights are popular for bedroom use. They give off the same amount of lights while consuming a fraction of the electric charge. Sometimes, switching to LEDs can cut your power bill as much as 90%. In this case, our Stylish Headboard/Wall Mount Reading Light (A2) is fitted with 3W lights that give off a whole 140 lumens. That’s the same light level as a 40W tungsten bulb, so you’re saving a lot.

Tungsten bulbs get really hot, so if you fit them in reading lights, they can scald your fingers and significantly raise the room temperature. LEDs are cooler lights, and ours gives off a warm, soft glow that’s bright white and green … the green here being environmental suitability. It’s a low-waste light that doesn’t need replacing for five years or more. Especially since the bulb is sealed.

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Stylish Headboard Wall Mount Reading Light 7Light Around the Room

If you’ve looked around our store, you’ve noticed we have three main types of reading lights:

  • Diffuse Sidelights
  • Narrow-Beam Tip Lights
  • Diffuse Disc Lights

The Stylish Headboard/Wall Mount Reading Light (A2) falls into the third category. Its shape is reminiscent of a stethoscope, with its bendy arm and double-disc bulb casing. This design presents a few challenges, and we’d like to tell you how we’ve resolved them. The double-disc layout means the bulb isn’t recessed or enclosed in a narrow tapering tube. Instead, it sits inside a short two-step disc with a smaller lampshade.

This means the bulb is closer to the surface of its housing while our other reading lights are recessed. To prevent the bulb from getting too hot, the surface is frosted. This serves two functions – it diffuses both heat and light, keeping the bulb housing cooler and sending the lighter further across the room. The neck and head of A2 reading light can both independently turn 360 °.


Stylish Headboard Wall Mount Reading Light 1See More of the Room

Our tapering-tube tip-lights offer long, narrow, intense beams that travel long distances. Or diffuse sidelights spread light over wider surface areas but with lower intensity. Our Stylish Headboard/Wall Mount Reading Light (A2) is a comfy middle ground. It’s a pointed light, so you can turn the head and neck to the exact position you prefer. But the viewing window is larger, so the lighting arc is wider as well.

Because the ‘glass’ is bigger and the casing is smaller, the glare from the bright LED could hurt your eyes or make you tire faster. Especially is you’re studying in an otherwise dark room. We’ve solved this problem by frosting the glass. The dimpled texture breaks up both heat and light, sending them further and faster. This reduces glare, overheating, and eye strain.

Because the light covers larger distances, you should consider lux as well. When LED rays leave the lamp, they’re standing strong at 140 lumens. And by the time it’s traveled 50 inches, the lux settles at 500. We built this light for reach and comfort though, so its color clarity is around 85 CRI. It’s not quite daylight, but it’s enough to read a book or do work that isn’t color-sensitive.


Stylish Headboard Wall Mount Reading Light 4Aesthetically Appealing

You don’t think much about screws and nails until they’re absent. Then you’ll suddenly notice the sleek, magical appearance of no-screw attachments. Our lights do have screws … we just keep them hidden. We prefer a more polished finish that won’t draw negative attention or become an eyesore. The focus should always be on your fluffy pillows and pretty bedspreads.

Speaking of, the possibility of angling your bedside lamp provides other opportunities as well … but for now, the smooth unbroken façade of your light makes it easier to clean as well. With no cracks or seams, there’s less space for dirt to accumulate. The reading light does have a USB port though, and it may attract static, so be sure to clean it carefully and frequently with a Q-tip.

The reading light sits on your wall, headboard, or any vertical surface. During installation, you can decide whether your wiring will slip back into the wall or run down to the socket. We’ve offered lengthy cables to accommodate your preferred installation location. The lamp has a 79-inch cord that links to a 50-inch power cable, so you have lots of room. Don’t trip in the wires!


Stylish Headboard Wall Mount Reading Light 5Quick Controls

At the back of the bulb housing, a single touch-button lets you operate your lamp. It turns the light on and off, and you can use it to dim the light or turn it up. In response to our shorter bulb chamber, we’ve elongated the neck of our light by two inches. This gives you a total of 18 flexible inches you can tug in any direction. Pull the head closer to narrow your reading focus.

But if you want a wider arc of light, push the head further away. The light may be dimmer that way though, so balance your lighting needs against your (un)willingness to bother your bedmate. Either way, the light is gentle and has a temperature of 3,200K. And the USB port has a 5V output so it can charge most smartphones and internet-capable wireless devices.

This Headboard/Wall Mount Reading Light (A2) makes a stylish and powerful addition to any bedside reading station.


Materials: metal construction + silicone
Adapter: input 110-240VAC, output 12VDC, UL listed
Built-in LED: 140 lumen, 500 lux@ 50″, CRI≧85
Color temperature: 3200K (warm hue)
Switch: touch settings, on/off/dimming
In-base USB charger: 5V/1.5A output
Gooseneck length: 18″
Lamp base: 2.6″ (D) x 0.8″ (H)
Cord length: lamp 79″, adapter 50″
Dimension: 2-9/16” W x 21” H
Color: brushed nickel + warm gray
All mounting hardware included

Packing List:
1 x Gooseneck Light
1 x UL listed adapter
1 x Instruction

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