Dimmable 12 Volt Reading Lights for RVs (D1)

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Does your RV or portable tiny house need a reading light? Here’s one you’re sure to love!

  • Elongated LED – Instead of a round LED bulb, our 12 Volt RVs Reading Light is fitted with a bulb that’s housed in a translucent longitudinal tube.
  • Conserves Energy – This reading light only uses 2.5W and provides adjustable lights with three daylight settings and one nightlight setting.
  • Flexible and Rotary – The light can turn 360° on its mounting base and the neck can independently turn 320°.
  • Built-in Charging Port – Designed for use in mobile homes, the escutcheon has a USB port to charge your smartphone or any other smart device.
  • Clean and Stylish – The concealed mounting screws maintain a minimalist look.
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Wheeled scenarios need a different set of features for their reading lights, so let’s go into a little more detail and see why our dimmable 12-volt reading light for RVs is the right one for your mobile home.


12 Volt Reading Light for RVs 2Light for Day and Night

Reading lights aren’t restricted to night-time use. You may want one for your basement office. Or for dark, gloomy winters when natural light is insufficient. And while you may already know LED lights use fewer watts for every lumen they produce, you may not realize mobile homes have different energy needs. For example, unless you’re parked, you have less power.

If your truck or RV has stopped for the night, you can plug into a nearby socket. Caravan parks, campsites, and motels sometimes have plug-and-play outlets for gas, water, or power. But on the road, your reading light taps into the car battery. And the same battery powers everything, you don’t want to overtax it. That’s why our dimmable 12-volt RVs reading light is calibrated to use DC 10V to 30V.

This is the mobile version, so it doesn’t come with a power plug or socket adaptor. Instead, you mount it on the car wall, roof, or cabin headboard and link it to the car battery. It’s designed to be hardwired for DC power sources that range from 12V to 24V, which is typical for boats, cars, and RVs. Tiny houses with permanent wheels might also this type of power system.

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12 Volt Reading Light for RVs 8The Right Light for the Right Time

Many reading lights are adjustable. They might use a button or a rotary knob to limit their lumens. Our dimmable 12-volt RVs reading light have separate options for different times of the day. You can adjust the lamp using three settings for low, medium, or high brightness. The light’s color temperature is 4,000K and the reading light emits 235 lumens at its brightest setting. Its CRI is above 92.

If you’d prefer a little spice in your lighting, you can use the ‘cycle switch’ to alternate the light from low to high and back in a continuous sequence. There’s also a night-light setting where the reading lamp glows red instead of white. In night-light mode, there’s less disruption for others who may be sharing the room with you. It’s also a good option when you want to set the mood …

This LED bulb can run up to 45,000 hours and comes with a 2-year warranty. The body of the lamp is a mix of silicone and metal in warm gray brushed nickel tones. The reading light weighs 10.6 ounces so it won’t overload its mounting surface or add unnecessary weight to your cabin.


12 Volt Reading Light for RVsProtect your Surroundings

We manufactured this reading light with portability in mind. It’s best fitted in the sleeping cabins of boats and trucks, though you can also mount it in the living area of an RV or wheeled tiny home. The button lets you turn the light on or off or brighten and dim it. But because it runs on DC, it’s directly wired into the car’s body and connected to its vehicular battery.

During use, the light can emit over 200 lumens while only using 2.5W to 3W so it won’t suck too much of your battery. This is an important feature because that same battery runs your sound system, air conditioning, ignition, GPS, and lots of other electrical systems.

And because the bulb lasts so long, you’ll replace it less often so it reduces material wastage. It also conserves energy in general, which cuts down your individual carbon footprint. This is a huge factor for transitory workers, since your truck, boat, or RV crisscrosses multiple states, regions, and time zones. You don’t want to import toxins and soil new neighborhoods.



12 Volt Reading Light for RVs 4All-round Convenience

Ordinarily, a reading light focuses on a small space. So you want its beam to be narrow and directional. But our dimmable 12-volt RVs reading light is made for the living space of mobile homes. So you want to light up larger areas while using up less electricity. That’s why the bulbs in our dimmable 12-volt RVs reading light model are side-mounted. Instead of placing it at the tip of the neck, we elongated it and turned it sideways.

The bulb is encased in a tube with a translucent silicone cover. This cover is shatterproof and waterproof to prevent atmospheric moisture from damaging the LED chips. LEDs are extremely bright, so the partially blurry casing prevents glare, eye fatigue, or accidentally hurting your eyeballs. The bulb isn’t replaceable though, so when it dies out, just buy a new lamp.

The shaft of the bulb can turn 360°. It has a dimmer switch at the tip that you can tap to adjust brightness levels. The neck of your reading lamp is flexible as well and you can adjust it up to 320°. The LEDs are securely wired and installed so they never flicker. They provide solid, long-lasting illumination at the angle and intensity you prefer and can run non-stop for up to 5 years.


12 Volt Reading Light for RVs 7Classy and Contemporary

Regardless of where you mount your dimmable 12-volt RVs reading light, it will maintain that clean minimal finish. The brushed nickel topcoat is subtle and suitable for diverse decorative decisions. So it will fit multiple car interior options. The screws and fixtures are hidden in the escutcheon, leaving the surface sleek and stylish. Meanwhile the stainless steel neck in silicone.

The disc-shaped mounting base is aluminum and it has a convenient USB port built into the side. The USB has an output of 5V and 1.5A so it’s suitable for your phone, laptop, tablet, rechargeable flashlight, or any device with a standard USB connector. It charges your devices even while the light itself is off. The total length of the lamp from tip to base is 21 inches.

These are some of the reasons you should buy our dimmable 12-volt RVs reading light for your wheeled home.


Material: Metal + Silicone
Luminous flux: 235 lumens
Color rendering index(CRI) > 92
Color temperature: 4000K
Current draw: 220mA (DC 12V)
Input voltage: DC 10-30V
USB output: 5V/1.5A
Bulb type: LED bulb, 45,000 hrs lifetime
Switch: touch settings, on/off/dimming
Color: brushed nickel + warm gray
Dimension: 2-9/16” W x 20” H
2 year warranty for guaranteed customer satisfaction

Packing List:

  • 1x Gooseneck Light
  • 1x UL Listed Power Adapter
  • 1x Mounting Hardware Set
  • 1x Instruction

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