Bedside Reading Light/Lamp with Ambient Options (B1 Pro)

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Do you need a night light for the kids or intimate moments? Try ours! Its features include:

  • LED with Night Lights – Our bulbs are bright for daytime use and when you want a subtle guide for bathroom breaks, you can turn on ‘night mode’.
  • Sturdy and Non-tipping – The reading light weighs 0.85kg and has a weighted square-shaped base to stop it from falling off the desk.
  • Bendy Neck – Twist or tug your ambient options bedside reading light (B1 Pro) into a more convenient position without shifting your seat or adjusting your studying stance.
  • Side-light Positioning – Spread your beam over a wider surface area so you can read in comfort, even on busy nights and gloomy days.
  • Slow Heating for Extended Use – The bulb casing does get warm but it’s never hot.

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Would you like to know more about our ambient options bedside reading light (B1 Pro)? Come with us, we’ll show you below.


Bedside Reading Light with Ambient Options 2Use it Any Time you Like

You’ve all experienced the midnight potty break. Maybe you turned on the light and got so alert you had stayed up the rest of the night. Or maybe you left the lights off to avoid over-wakefulness … then stubbed your toe and screamed all the sleep out of your system. Oddly, our ambient options bedside reading light (B1 Pro) can help. No, we’re not suggesting you read a book each time you need to pee …

Instead, you can engage the night light on our reading lamp. It glows a subtle red that lights your way without irrupting your sleep cycle. And if you and your roommate want a little ‘private time’, this night light is great for that red light special. It’s soothing, relaxing, and sensual.

But it also makes a helpful guide for kids who are afraid of nightmares. Senior members of the household may want a night light too. Or pets with nyctophobia. For new parents weaning themselves off co-sleeping, leaving this red light on will soother both them and their babies.


More Reading Light Guides:

Bedside Reading Light with Ambient Options 6Steady and Strong

Some reading lights flicker during use. They’re mostly employed for late-night study sessions or gloomy weather with low visibility. These conditions often cause spikes and surges in the power supply. If you’re studying after hours, then every time someone else flips on a bathroom switch or disconnects their power plugs to sleep, the shift in electric charge could make your bulb flicker.

Our ambient options bedside reading light (B1 Pro) is designed to counter this. It never flickers, no matter how many switches are turned on (or off) around the house. The LED bulb gives off 280 lumens while using up 3.5W. The light produces has a temperature of 4,000K and a CRI over 92. It’s heavier than many lamps in its class, weighing 0.85kg and standing sturdy on your study surface.

This is a desktop lamp, so it’s portable rather than being permanently mounted. It still needs assembly though, and the hex screw is daintily concealed to maintain the clean, minimalist style that our brand is known for. The LED bulbs are integrated though, so you can’t just replace the bulbs. You’ll have to replace the whole reading light … but only after years of use.


Bedside Reading Light with Ambient Options 3No Pushing and Pulling

You don’t have to fight with our ambient options bedside reading light (B1 Pro). If you’ve been sitting in one position too long and your arms or legs have gone to sleep, you can shift your body, your chair, or even your desk. But rather than shifting the lamp, you simply touch the neck and tug it gently into the position you prefer. The neck (or arm) is 16 inches long so it has a lot of give and a wide arc.

It’s made of stainless steel and coated in silicone so you can turn and bend it for years without it breaking or losing its ductility. The silicone also prevents the arm from getting too hot or cold to your touch. The base of the reading light is a 4.7-inch square with stylish rounded sides. The base is weighted to keep its center of gravity safe and low on your desk so it won’t fall easily.




Bedside Reading Light with Ambient Options 4Off to the Side

The intuitive design of reading light positions the bulb at the tip. That way, you can narrow the field of vision and direct the beam. This silhouette keeps stray light rays from floating into your roommate’s sleeping eyes. But this ambient options bedside reading lamp is tipped by a gray aluminum cylinder. The LED bulb is mounted longitudinally into a recessed shaft and sealed in with see-through silicone.

This positioning provides a wider shaft of light by spreading illumination across a broader light path. The cylindrical lamp casing can spin 320° degrees. The bendy neck it sits on can turn 360° making your light omnidirectional. The rays aren’t as intense as tip lights, but they cover a wider area. The tip of the reading light has a single soft-touch button for on, off, and dimming.

The side positioning also provides more versatility in terms of lighting. With a tip light, you only get a narrow circle of light in the direction you point it. But with a sidelight, you can keep the neck vertical when you want more spread. Point the sidelight against a reflective wall to fill the whole room with light. And while consuming roughly 3W at a time and keeping bills low.


Bedside Reading Light with Ambient Options 1Even Distribution in Full Color

Do you know when an item or outfit looks one way in the shop and another way at home? Or when your shoes look different in the daytime and nighttime? This is because the light quality varies. So when you’re using artificial light, you want it as close to daylight as possible. Especially if it’s a reading light. We already mentioned our ambient options bedside reading light (B1 Pro) has a high CRI and a wide lighting surface.

This allows your LED rays to be evenly distributed. Meaning no single section of the lamp gets too hot, even if you’ve been reading for hours. This light diffusion also reduces the strain on your eyes a read, something that happens a lot if you’re reading at night. Your eye muscles have to work extra hard to counter the surrounding darkness and contrast it against this bright spot.

But because our reading lamp has a long light window rather than a narrow spotlight, there’s ore blurring between light and dark. This means your eyes aren’t struggling to white-balance your field of vision. You’ll be more relaxed, both physically and mentally, so you can study longer.

When you’re studying for an exam or setting the mood for a hot date, the ambient options bedside reading light (B1 Pro) is the way go-to!


  • Material: Full metal
  • Luminous Flux: 280 lumens
  • CCT: 4000K, CRI>92
  • Bulb Type: 3.5W Integrated LEDs
  • Switch: touch on/off/dimming
  • Color: Metallic warm gray
  • Size: 4-5/8” W x 21” H
  • UL listed adapter included

Packing List:

  • 1x Gooseneck Light
  • 1x UL Listed Power Adapter
  • 1x Mounting Hardware Set
  • 1x Instruction

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