10 Best Wireless Light Switch Controllers of 2022

Every once in a while, you discover a new gadget and wonder how you ever survived without it! Wireless Light Switch Controllers are the perfect example. They don’t seem that exciting but once you install them, you’ll never want cabled switches again! So let’s check out the top ten wireless light switch controllers on the market. They’re simple enough to install as a DIY.

1. Lumen Now Wireless Light Switch Kit

wireless led light with switch 2If you’re looking to green-light your home – pun intended – you may be interested in our favorite wireless light switch controllers. With its glossy white finish and its glowing green LED indicator, this light controller meets all your lighting needs. It’s green in another way too – with no battery, no wires, and no power usage, it’s great for your carbon footprint.

This switch controller uses kinetic energy so it has no toxic emissions that could harm the environment. The switch has an indoor range of 100 feet and an outdoor range of 300 feet so you can mount it wherever you like. It does work with a wired receiver, but the receiver itself is compact enough to fit inside your switch box. The switch is waterproof and weatherproof.

So while the receiver has to be enclosed in a fuse box, the switch is safe enough to install outside the house. And the signal passes through walls so there’s limited interference. Tap the top to turn on the switch and the bottom to disengage it. You can link it to multiple bulbs and you can even use it to control your AC or your fan. It has a proven 20-year lifespan.

So if you’re looking for a fuss-free lighting solution, we recommend this wireless light switch controller. It offers no-drill installation, heightened functionality, and it’s cute too!

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2. Key wireless remote control switch kit

Key wireless remote control switch light lamp1

We think of wireless switches as modern tech. but did you know people always wanted their switches wireless? They thought the wiring process was too expensive and luxurious. So they mostly used pull-chains beside the bulb. Today, you can install a wireless switch like this one. The switch has an indoor range of 229 ft and an outdoor range of 1968 ft, so size does matter, you can position it anywhere.

This IDEAPLUS wireless light switch controller can be wired to work with multiple bulbs. It’s easy to install and needs drilling or screwing for the switch itself. But you’ll have to do some wiring on the receiver, so keep that in mind. The switch works with both 110V and 220V systems.

The long-life battery cuts down your power bill, but be sure to remember where you bought the switch. After all, 8 years is a long time, and you can’t be sure replacement batteries will still be available at the hardware store. They may have phased out. Another helpful feature is the IP54 rating on this switch. That means it’s splash-proof and can keep out some dust.

Smaller debris particles can still get in – it’s not completely dustproof or moisture-proof. But it’s safe for outdoor use and can withstand rain and snowfall – just don’t submerge it – it can’t swim! It has a nightlight on the side so you don’t stumble in the dark seeking the switch with your hand. You can tap the switch over 600,000 times without breaking it.

This long-range wireless light switch controller is easy to install because you don’t have to cut or drill anything. It ships with one receiver so you’ll have to do some wiring on that side.

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3. Remote Control Wireless Switch

Remote Control Wireless Switch1

Some switches are wired to control multiple bulbs. But in such cases, both bulbs will go on (or off) at the same time. But what if you want a single switch for different rooms or fixtures? And what if you’d prefer to run them independently? Well, in that case, you need to buy one of these. The box contains one wireless light switch controller and two receiving units.

Each receiver is linked to a separate bulb and the switch is divided into halves – left and right – each controlling its own bulb. The switch also has a nightlight feature. It’s a little sliver of blue that helps you find the switch in the dark. This is quite useful for kids’ rooms and for seniors too. You can mount one of these switches in darkened hallways for bathroom trips.

The LED indicator isn’t designed as a nightlight – it’s mainly to show effective pairing. But it’s a crucial feature for kids prone to nightmares and grandparents with aging eyesight and shrinking bladders. The switch can operate bulbs that are 600m away outdoors or 40m away indoors. The indoor range is less because of extra barriers like walls and doors.

This wireless light switch controller uses a standard CR2032 button cell that you can find anywhere. The CR stands for Coin Round and while it’s easily available, you don’t have to worry about replacement for up to 8 years. The switch comes in a shipping pack that weighs about 200g but the switch itself is lightweight for easy mounting and portability if needed.

This two-panel wireless light switch controller lets you control two bulbs independently. You can still link it to multiple lights using an alternate system so the lights go on (or off) in turns.

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4. Wireless Switch for Hotels or Apartments

Wireless Switch for Hotels or Apartments1

Do hotels and apartments need special lights? Do they have lighting needs that other places don’t? Not necessarily, but many modern hotel rooms are complete apartment suites with kitchenettes, minibars, balconies, and bathrooms. So it may be useful to have a portable remote control light switch, and that’s the beauty of this wireless light switch controller.

It’s smaller than the ones we’ve looked at so far. So you can slip it in your pocket or clutch bag – you don’t have to mount it to the wall. Just remember to unpack it when you check out or leave the house – it’s easy to forget and take it with you. And because this switch is mobile, it has a higher IP rating of IP65 so it’s dustproof, weatherproof, and submersible.

While this switch can control up to 8 bulbs, it’s a mini-unit so you can only use it for one-gang or one-way connections. This means the 8 bulbs will go on or off simultaneously. You can’t operate them independently – at least not using this mini remote controller. If you choose the mount the switch, you can use the included double-sided tape of 12mm screws.

This cute wireless switch is compact enough to fit in your pocket. It can manage up to 8 bulbs at a time, but only with 1-gang links. It’s rated IP54 and has a one-year warranty.

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5. Three-Channel Wireless Light Switch Controller

Three-Channel Wireless Light Switch Controller1_conew3

Technology lets us do old things in simple ways. It’s always been possible to light three bulbs with the same switch. Or to group multiple switches so you can manage them from a single point. But this new wireless light switch controller gives you a lot more … control. You can now operate three or more bulbs using this single three-panel switch.

If you look at the switch box, you’ll notice it’s subdivided into three sections. Each section/gang can access an independent bulb, though you can also link a single section to multiple bulbs. The shipping box comes with three receivers so you can conveniently install a three-way set-up. And the range of these switches is quite generous – 600m outside and 40m indoors.

Each of the three receivers can support a load of 1000W and the wireless light switch controller is 433mHz. It’s a 10-amp switch that can last 8 to 10 years and be pressed over six hundred thousand times without snapping. And it’s a space saver too because you only use one switch box instead of three. The switch box is rated IP54 and has a nightlight on the side.

For triple-powered control, opt for this three-gang wireless light switch controller. You can safely use it at temperatures between 40°C and 75°C and it uses a single button cell to run.

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6. Luxury Golden Push-button Wireless Switch

Luxury Golden Push-button Wireless Switch1

Lights are functional, but they can be decorative too. And a switch can be embellished for extra aesthetics. In this case, the wireless light switch controller has a gold-colored tone for added beauty. It gives your switch a taste of luxury with the 433mHz of lighting power.

It’s a push-button switch and the whole panel is sensitive so you can press anywhere on its surface. This tiny design fix doesn’t seem like much, but by offering a larger surface area for functionality, the switch can last longer. This is because the pressure is spread out so there’s less wear and tear. It also keeps the light cleaner since finger gunk isn’t focused on one spot.

The switch has a nightlight that glows blue and helps you find the switch more easily. And its pretty hue offers wider mix-and-match options for your interior décor. It’s a good selection for little smudge-prone hands because it doesn’t show dirt as plainly as white switches. Plus, when they inevitably touch it with wet hands, the anti-chock feature will help. A lot.

This champagne-colored wireless light switch controller exudes elegance and provides power. It has built-in lightning protection and can withstand 380V for up to 3 hours at a go.

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7. WiFi Smart Switch

Do you really need a smart switch? We say yes, and we think this slate gray model is perfect for your needs. On the previous wireless light switch controllers we looked at, the whole front face was pressable. On this one, the switch occupies the center of the switch box. But it’s still a larger switch surface than conventional switches, so it’s an upgrade over traditional styling.

The switch has an up-down toggle and its LED indicator works great as a nightlight. And this isn’t just a wireless switch – it’s a WiFi switch. This means in addition to being clean and wire-free, it also can connect to the net. This means the one-gang switch can respond to Alexa and Google Home (but it still doesn’t play well with Siri or Cortana).

This internet connectivity lets you speak to your light switch. But said voice control works on 2.4GHz bandwidths. You can also use the Tuya App to activate more features. The app lets you control the switch remotely even if you’re not in the use. Just log into your smartphone and toggle the switch to ward off potential burglars that saw you leaving the house earlier.

Connecting this white smart light switch lets you turn it off and on remotely. You don’t even need a hub! But while you can set an on/off timer, this switch controller isn’t 5G-enabled.

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8. Single Pole WiFi Smart Switch

Single Pole WiFi Smart Switch5

Marketers will tell you consumers don’t know what they want. They’ll say you have to train customers and ‘remind’ them they need your product. That’s why items in the same field look similar. Even within the space of wireless light switch controllers, we’re primed to expect a certain silhouette. This light switch stands out by deviating from the expected size and shape.

It has a longer, narrower design compared to what we’ve seen so far.  And it’s smarter than its light switch siblings too. It’s compatible with Alexa, Google, Tuya, and Smart Life, so you can manage the switch using your smartphone. You can issue voice commands for hands-free lighting and its simplified pairing system ensures stress-free connectivity in 8 seconds.

Yes, you can physically operate this switch. But you’ll mostly work the switch off your smartphone. And you can do this even when you’re outside the house. As long as your phone has an internet connection and the house WiFi is on, the two can connect on the cloud. But unlike its cousins, this switch must be permanently mounted to the wall so get those tools!

Many wireless light switches are portable stick-ons. This one has lots of advantages but you do need to screw it in place, so it’s best for homeowners who love the DIY weekend projects.

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9. New 3-Gang WiFi Light Switch Controller

New 3-Gang WiFi Light Switch Controller1

When you walk into a hardware store, you probably feel lost. I mean, with all those wireless light switch controllers on the shelf, how do you know what to buy? Start with the basic factors – neutral wire, connection styles, or voice activation capacity. Most of the lights we’ve looked at so far are one-way switches, and this one is too. But this is a 3-gang switch.

And unlike the one we reviewed earlier, this one has small circular gangs sitting on an oblong faceplate. And because this is a smart switch, it’s easy to use Bluetooth and WiFi to design a wire-free three-way set-up. This is perfect for refurbishing your lighting system. You don’t have to drill or plug – just mount the two switch boxes, sync them, then pair them.

You can then use your smartphone apps to select 1-way, 2-way, or 3-way connections. And if you don’t want a regular receiver (with wires), you can link this controller to your smart bulbs. That way, you’ll have a truly wireless lighting system. Such an elegant solution! The switch box measures 120mm by 76mm so make sure you have enough room to mount it.

The beauty of this 3-gang light is its ease of use. You can mount in minutes, pair it via smartphone, or get multiple controls on the same switch. And the round buttons are pretty.

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10. Upgraded 2-Gang Smart Switch

raded 2-Gang Smart Switch4_conew3

What exactly do you know about smart switches? Possibly less than you think. Luckily, we’re here to make it make sense. For one thing, if you’re jaded by standard shaped smart light controllers, try this one. It has 2 gangs, round buttons, and it listens to Alexa. 2-gang lights are great for staircases and large rooms where you control one bulb with two switches.

But these two-way lights often involve expensive wiring. The cables have to go through the wall, between the switches, and up to the light bulb. That’s a lot of billable hours by expensive electricians! With this smart light, all you need is the internet! Just stick your two controllers on the wall and link them up on the cloud. Simple! You can even get smart bulbs!

If you do invest in this smart switch though, you may need to yank out your conventional switches. Why? Because no matter how much tech you’re using, someone will inevitably turn off the manual switch. And once they do, you can yell at Tuya all you want – it won’t do any good. But those circle buttons do have a backlit mode. It serves as a nightlight when needed.

This curvy 2-gang smart WiFi controller is ideal for multi-switch connections. It pairs within 8 seconds whether you’re linking switch to switch, switch to bulb, or both to your router.

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What type of wireless light switch controllers are installed in your house? Show us some photos in the comments – we’d love to see your set-up and share some lighting ideas …

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