About Us

LUMEN NOW has been at the forefront of lighting technology for over 130 years. And now, Lighting’s future has never been stronger or brighter.

As a leading technology company, our vision is to improve the way the world works, and people live. Developing more easily attainable and user-friendly LED lighting and smart building products drives us forward to develop and bring to market the future of smart building technology.

Lumen Now has embraced our parent company’s mission to provide the best smart home experience, including new and exciting advances in intelligent lighting designed to enhance lifestyle and wellness in any setting.

Lumen Now continues to help you create perfectly lit spaces and smart, healthy environments in which to live, work and play.

With more than 100 patents secured, iQ is a smart building product line that leverages the Internet of Things to create unique and scalable solutions for organizations including, lighting control, HVAC, remote sensors, and more.

LUMEN NOW’s expertise in lighting technology, multidisciplinary systems-level thinking and deep understanding of the entire IoT value chain – from product design and data visualization to artificial intelligence and machine learning – has produced a truly intelligent and holistic smart building solution.

Lumen Now is committed to bringing innovation, exceptional value and reliability to retail partners and consumers as the number one intelligent lighting and smart home company in the world.

The future of lighting is here.