13 Best Reading Light App of 2022

Reading Light App

Nowadays, it is hard to imagine life without a smartphone, and there are many different practical apps you can find on the market. One of the most convenient for the passionate book readers is reading light apps, which can turn your phone into a night lamp. They will allow you to read anywhere without disturbing someone who sleeps next to you.

Most of these apps need permission to use the internet and a camera or microphone to turn the phone screen into a flashlight. After giving it, you can adjust the desired app wherever it suits you to get the right lighting. Keep in mind that some have additional features such as strobe lights, color changers, or Morse coding you can also use.


You can use this entirely free app on your iPhone or iPad. It is not complicated to turn on the app and place it next to your shoulder or attach it to the bed. That makes illuminating the book you read convenient, so it can completely replace the wall mounted reading light.

This application gives you the ability to adjust the brightness level. Plus, it won’t shut down by itself until you turn it off, as is the case with other applications. Unfortunately, the ads that continuously appear in the free version will probably deconcentrate you. Plus, some of the ads include music that can annoy people around you.

The application has an ad-free version, but you should pay for it. However, it brings additional features like hue changes.  Even though it sounds great, it is probably an unnecessary purchase since you can find a free satisfying alternative with a little effort.

2. Flashlight

For those who use Android phones, the flashlight is one of the basic applications. Not only is it free, but it is useful in many other ways in addition to reading. You can use it in case of a power failure on the road. Installed Morse code translator is an excellent feature for sending an SOS signal in an emergency.

You can also change the screen colors by using this app as the reading light while reading your book. While it can’t adjust the brightness level, it lights the area enough for the night reading. Its simple design makes it ideal for kids’ reading light.

3. Booklight (Screen Night Light With Desk Lamp)

Booklight is an app that you can use both for reading and taking photos. It provides a large selection of lighting effects to choose different white and yellow shades, dimmed light, and many other different colors.

Its great advantage is the ability to capture notes and save quotes. That way, you don’t have to grab a paper and a pen or open another app to write down the desired sentence from a book. With the bookmark section’s addition, which saves the number of the page where you stop reading, this application is an excellent choice if you are a passionate reader.

4. Reading Light for Bed

What sets reading light for bed apart from other reading light apps is setting the time when the app shuts down. That means you can set a time to read before bed, set the phone on a side table next to the bed, and avoid getting up to turn off the light.

It has a very simple, basic design with on and off buttons, and you can also set the luminosity grade. One of the primary disadvantages is that the app offers shopping through countless advertisements that disrupt lighting consistency.

5. Tiny Flashlight + LED

If you want the ultra-bright reading light app that can be the only source of the light in the room, this one will suit you. It has an LED light option, so the reading will fewer tires your eyes than the nightstand lamp you usually use.

This app also has free plugins like Blinking and Strobe lights and Morse code. On the downside, its powerful illuminance can consume your phone battery quickly. Therefore, you need to plug your phone and keep it on the charger if you plan to read the whole night.

6. Screen Light Flashlight/Strobe

If you want an app for your children that can serve as the reading light, the Screen Light is an excellent decision. Its straightforward interface suits all kid’s needs, plus the possibilities for various light color changes make it attractive.

The light intensity is not too strong, and you can adjust the operating time of the application. That way, you will remind the child that it is time to sleep.

7. Screen Light Table Lamp (Relaxing Sounds)

This app combines the reading light features with relaxing meditative music or sounds of nature. It can help you calm down and fall asleep faster. Plus, it is entirely customizable, so you can choose what you listen to and how long and light intensity.

You can also find beneficial the Personal Moments feature and a bookmark option, which can save the page number or a specific quote from a book you read. Swipe left and right to choose the exact shade of color light to make night reading more enjoyable.

8. Night Flood Light Flashlight

If you only need a basic reading light app without many settings, ads, or modes, this app is just that. All you need to do is to turn it on and choose the color of the light. There will be nothing on the screen, and its only role is to illuminate the area you need.

It supports both smartphones and tablets, and it is not a demanding battery consumer. Plus, if your phone goes to sleep mode, the app won’t turn off.

9. Clap to Flashlight On/Off (Flash LED)

It is a reading light app that offers you a unique clap on/off feature. That means you can set your phone aside and turn the reading light when you need it without getting up. Besides, you can also use it when you wake up in the middle of the night and need light.

It has numerous options like the candlelight or strobe light feature, which includes music. This app is free, but it contains in-app purchase offers and ads you can avoid if you buy a premium version.

10. Adjustable Reading Light

The feature that separates this software from other similar applications is a control adjustment for almost every detail. Besides the brightness level, you can adjust the light’s focus, change controls to suit your left or right hand, and pick a screen mode that actually saves battery life.

Plus, you can lock the screen orientation, so the light will stay on, although you accidentally move your phone. Additional bonuses are that there are no ads on the screen, and the application doesn’t require any special permissions.

11. Flashlight for iPhone and iPad

It is one of the possible and most functional apps that contains Compass, Altitude tracker Disco mode, and numerous color options. You can use it as the reading light and customize its strength of the illumination from dimmed light to the bright white shade, depending on your eyesight and the darkness in the room.

However, you can’t use this application on every phone type since it only supports the iPhone and iPad. Besides that, you need to purchase it to get rid of all the adds the sponsors spam you with.

12. White Screen Flashlight App

If you are reluctant to allow the app to use your camera and microphone, you can choose White Screen Light, which doesn’t need them. This app simply transforms the phone screen into pure white brightness and can serve great instead of the headboard reading light.

Just turn it on and set the light to fall at a book page at the angle that makes the reading most enjoyable. Be prepared that the application automatically turns on at the highest brightness level. However, you can reduce it to the degree you need if it is too intense for your eyes.

13. Amazing Flashlight

Amazing Flashlight is definitely one of the most complex reading light apps you can find on the market. It includes the widget, the night vision camera, and the emergency warning light. That means you can use it when you come home during the night and need to go through the dark area.

You can control it by using the volume buttons, and the screen lock option will prevent accidentally turning the light off. It needs permission to use your camera. On the other hand, this is one of the rare cases where you don’t need to suffer from full-screen ads. You will only see the small banners on the top.


Nowadays, the market is flooded with reading light applications, and most of them are free. However, some require you to buy the premium version to get rid of spam ads.

Some models feature LED lighting, while others combine light with nature sounds and other features. They make reading in the dark much more comfortable and can successfully replace robust and impractical bedside lamps.

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