High Voltage Dimmer with Remote

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  • The input voltage of this controller should to be AC90V~240V.
  • Never connect two wires directly in case of short circuit.
  • Knob operation:Rotary knob clockwise to increase brightness, knob counterclockwise rotation will decrease the brightness.
  • Remote control operation:The remote control facing the infrared receiver, ensure that there are no obstructions between remote controller and receiver,dimmer receives an effective signal from the infrared remote control, the light on the upside flickers.


High Voltage Dimmer with Remote5ETH – 8006: Suitable for high voltage AC input, based on triac type led driver or trailing edge phase dimming driver. maximum power 300W, effective power output 200W;  while AC110V input its effective power is 120W.
Connection drawing: AC90-240V – > ETH-8006 dimmer – > triac type led driver or trailing edge phase dimming driver – >LED light source.
The ETH – 8006 is constant current and adjustable voltage;
It’s with trailing edge phase dimming technical, PWM modulation, no twinkling while dimming, quality is better than triac dimmer.
Triac type dimmer is outdated technology on dimming filed, with frequency twinkling and high power dissipation.

High Voltage Dimmer with Remote2ETH-8006 is an High voltage 90V~240V with 12+1 key intelligent dimmer specially designed for LED lighting, it adopted the most advanced PWM (pulse-width-modulation) digital brightness-adjusting technology that enables you adjust the brightness with the infinite knob and also can adjust the brightness far away with the IR wireless controller.

It is suitable for installation of commercial and household 86-style socket, you can install it visibly outside the wall or invisibly inside the wall, it can meet different brightness requirements at different time with the dimmer, also it can extend the LED life tenure and save energy, suitable to dim hi-power or low-power LED lamps…

Suitable for high voltage AC input,based on triac dimming LED drive or trailing edge phase dimming led driver. with user-defined function, scheduled timing shutdown function and fixed gray output functions.

High Voltage Dimmer with Remote4

* AC input: 90V~240V
* Output channel: 1 channel
* Output current:  1A
* Output power: <300W (Effective power 200W/220V, 120W/110V)
* Voltage and current adjustable:10%~90%
* Fixed grey output
* Control mode: Manually and IR remote
* Panel material: PC inflaming retarding*0-100% brightness dimmable, no twinkling

High Voltage Dimmer with Remote7* Power output can be cut off
* Spin angle: 320
* Scheduled shut down (1~4 hour)
* Remote distance: 10 meter
* AC along the digital phase dimming technology
* No noise, no radiation

High Voltage Dimmer with Remote6DIMENSIONS

* Switch size:        L87×W87×H53(mm)
* IR Remote size: L86×W40×H6.6(mm)
* Package size:    L95×W95×H70(mm)
* Net weigh:         145g
* Gross weigh:     233g


The dimmer effective power is about 80%, so please make sure dimmer power overstep 20% than led load when you choice.


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