Dimmable Headboard/Wall Mount Reading Light with USB Charger (A1 Pro)

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Tired of stretching to charge your phone? Try our nifty reading light! It’s full of useful features.

  • Recessed LED – The bulb is sunk into its narrow metallic lampshade, preventing glare and maintaining a slim, stylish silhouette.
  • Energy-Saving – Our Headboard/Wall Mount Reading Light (A1 Pro) plugs directly into your 110V socket and only uses up 3W so you’ll barely see a blip in your bill.
  • Easy Dimming – The on/off button at the base can be used to brighten or dim the light levels in your study space.
  • Movable Arm – You don’t have to strain your neck or contort your body. Just tug the light wherever you want it.
  • Saves Space – Mount the reading light directly on your headboard to create more usable space on your reading desk or bedside table.
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Are you convinced yet? Just in case, let’s take a deeper dive into the features of our lamp and why it’s perfect for you.


BLACK4High on Lighting, Low on Glare

When you’re walking around in the dark, your (smartphone) flashlight lights your path. Ironically, it also makes it easier for others to see you because the glare reduces visibility for you … while enhancing it for everyone else. You might bump into the same issue with reading lights. Especially if you’re working in a room with the main lights off, so everything is focused on you.

To avoid hurting your eyes and tiring you out before you’re done studying, the LEDs in our Headboard/Wall Mount Reading Light (A1 Pro) are recessed. By sinking them further into the metal lampshade, the light beam is pushed through a thinner space. This prevents diffuse rays that may cause eye fatigue.

Diffusion can also lower your lux and waste electricity because all those rays go unused. They’re too far and wide to light your studies, and at the same time, they can spread and disturb your roommate. Our slim cylindrical lampshade is less than an inch long, giving you better beams. They’ll be thinner thanks to the small cylindrical radius, but they’ll also be stronger.

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Do your Power Bills a Favor

Our Headboard/Wall Mount Reading Light (A1 Pro) uses a remarkably energy-saving 3W while producing mid-level beams of 130 lumens. It’s a stationary light that comes in separate pieces with all the mounting hardware included. But remember, it’s a permanent installation. So you’re better off attaching it to the bed than the wall, especially if you live in a rental. Homeowners can safely wall-mount.

The color temperature of this reading light is 3200K. It’s a metal light painted matte black throughout. The control button is black too, but it rises slightly off the escutcheon in a soft curve, so you can use your fingers to find it in the dark. It may be helpful to install the light in a convenient location, well within the reach of drowsy hands and fumbling fingers.


Take Control of your Study SessionsBLACK

Once you do find the reading light and switch it on, you can long-press the button to control the level of light. One-touch turns the light on or off. Prolonging your touch will make the light brighter or dimmer, depending on its current light level. This is a convenient feature, but it’s not labeled or calibrated, so you have to keep your finger on the button as illumination shifts.

This means you’ll probably dim and brighten the light several times until you figure out its upper lower limits. You’ll know you’ve reached the end-point when the light stops lightening or darkening, then you can release and long-press again to reverse directions.

You may have to watch the bulb as you adjust because those light changes seem drastic in a dark room when you first turn on the reading light. But once your eyes adjust, it can be hard to detect changes in light intensity. This is even more pronounced because unlike rotary knobs or push-buttons, touch-sensitive control panels don’t have a ‘stopping point’.



Beat Insomnia with Style and Comfort

These days, everybody scrolls in bed. So even if you’re not actively reading a book or working on your laptop, you’ll be texting your friends, reading news sites, or updating social media. So you know the universal frustration of sitting or lying at an awkward angle to let your phone reach the charger. Our Headboard/Wall Mount Reading Light (A1 Pro) solves that problem with style, grace, and convenience.

At the bottom of the reading lamp, the mounting base has a 5V USB port. It’s positioned on the side for easy access. And if you install the reading light on the bed rather than the wall, you can move with it when you leave (or when you rearrange your room and shift the position of your bed). You no longer have to break your bones trying to reach your phone (charger).

For even greater convenience, the reading light has a flexible gooseneck handle. So whether you’re propped on a pillow or working at a study desk beside the bed, you can pull the reading lamp into a more convenient position. The narrow beam helps you highlight specific passages or surfaces as you work. Even if this means searching for your reading glasses in the dark.


Great for Studio ApartmentsBLACK7

That flexible arm (which some people prefer to call a neck) has one other advantage. You can stretch the light and lean it against the wall or tuck it out of the way when you’re not using it. Or you can pull it towards you when you’re not in bed. This helps you install the light without filling up your living space. For studio apartments where your desk is also your dinner table, this helps.

Plus, if your apartment is small, your reading light can double as a household lamp. Just point it where you want it and you won’t need other light fixtures. You could – for example – point it at a mirror and it will light up the whole room. Or point it at the ceiling to create mood lighting during a date. Or shine it on your face for scary stories when your nephews visit for sleepovers.

The Headboard/Wall Mount Reading Light (A1 Pro) has a smaller lampshade than some of our other models – it’s less than an inch long while some of our other models are 2 or 3 inches long, so this model is ideal for small spaces. It still has a 16-inch arm though, so its reach isn’t impeded by its size.

With a USB phone charger port and a long lifespan, A1 Pro Reading Light is a suitable headboard reading light.


  • Materials: Full Metal
  • Power adapter: 110-240V AC Input, 12V DC Output, UL listed
  • Built-in LED bulb, 135 Lumen, 500 lux@ 50″, CRI≧85
  • Bulb CCT= 3200K (warm hue)
  • Lamp cord length79″, power adapter cord 50″
  • Flexible arm length: 16″
  • Lamp holder base: 2.6″ (D) x 0.8″ (H)
  • Lamp base dimmer switch
  • All mounting hardware included

Packing List:

  • 1x Gooseneck Light
  • 1x UL Listed Power Adapter
  • 1x Mounting Hardware Set
  • 1x Instruction

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