Dimmable Bendable Neck Bedside Reading Light /Desktop Lamp with LED Head Touch Control (B1)

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Getting your kids to do their homework is far easier with this reading light. Features include:

  • Longitudinal LED – The bulb is positioned lengthwise to spread light across a wider surface and reduce the effect of lamp glare.
  • Solid Base – To mitigate clumsy kiddy hands, the lamp has a wide base that’s less likely to tip and break the lamp.
  • Accurate Colors – With a CRI above 92, it displays colors quite close to their natural daylight appearance.
  • Extended Shelf Life – This LED bulb in our kids reading light can go 50,000 hours before replacement. That’s nearly six years.
  • Easy to Use – The reading lamp has a flexible neck and a rotary head so you can use it at multiple angles and in varying positions.
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Let’s assess these features in detail so you can see why you should get your kids this light.


Bedside Reading Light Desk Lamp for kids 5Light on the Side

Most reading lamps have their bulb positioned at the tip, for obvious reasons. But this reading light has its LED bulb mounted in a sideways position. This is useful because the light has a wider arc even though it travels a shorter distance. So if your kid is studying at night and doesn’t want to wake everyone, their bendable neck reading light can illuminate their whole desk, not just their book.

The feature is also useful for kids who are studying together or sharing a room since the side light covers a larger surface. To combat potential glare – now that the light is longitudinal – the bulb is shielded behind a translucent silicone panel. This diffuses the light so that it’s softer and wider, reducing eye fatigue and visual strain during extended study sessions. It cools the lamp.

Why is ‘cooling’ important? Because students are known for last-minute cramming. And you don’t want their reading light to overheat when your kids are already in a state of heightened panic. By enlarging the surface area of your light, any heated area spreads further and releases heat faster, so your light will stay cool under pressure, both literally and figuratively.

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Bedside Reading Light Desk Lamp for kids 6Less Tipping for Rowdy Kids

Kids are fidgety. Even college kids. And they’re at the most restless when they’re studying under duress. Meaning they’re likely to jiggle their legs or play with random items on their desk when concentration wanes. This increases the likelihood of tipping their reading lamp. At best, this will disrupt their study session. At worst, it could damage the lamp or cause accidents.

That’s why our dimmable bendable neck reading light (B1) has a wide square base with rounded sides. The base measures nearly 5 inches across for extra sturdiness. The lamp is also on the heavier side at 0.75kg (about 1.65 lbs) so it won’t fall over easily. It’s a solid option if you don’t want a permanent wall-mounted reading light. This one sits on the desk or table and connects to wall sockets with 110V.

The base keeps this light portable. So they can bring it to the kitchen table or to your home office when they want your help with homework. They can also carry it to their college dorm when they move, or to ‘sleepover study sessions’ aka slumber parties. It can be a useful play tool too – great for telling scary stories in a back yard tent or under an indoor sheet tent or pillow fort.


Dimmable Bendable Neck Bedside Reading Light Desk Lamp for kids 1See the Right Rainbow

If you’re studying in the dark or even on a gloomy day, you want to simulate daylight. This isn’t just about tricking your circadian rhythms to keep you awake. For kids, color is important. Whether it’s viewing the right diagram in a textbook or avoiding cognitive dissonance when their bedroom door suddenly turns the wrong color. In artificial lights, that’s what CRI is for.

Color Rendering Index (CRI) measures how closely your ‘fake light’ reproduces daylight. For example, if your mug is coral when you use it outdoors, you don’t want it to turn fuchsia on your coffee table. The score for complete daylight color rendering is 100, so the closer your reading light is to that, the more accurate it is. Our dimmable bendable neck reading light (B1) has a CRI that’s over 92.


Bedside Reading Light Desk Lamp for kids 4No Replacement Necessary

As a rule, LED lights offer enhanced illumination while using up minimal power. Our dimmable bendable neck reading light (B1) emits 280 lumens at its highest setting, and you can use the touch button at the tip to lower your light levels. The bulb uses 3.5W and produces color temperatures of 4,000K. And the bulb can stay on continuously for up to 50,000 hours … a little under six years.

Of course, you won’t have the reading lamp on constantly, so it could go up to 10 years before replacement. Unlike other lamps, the bulb chamber is sealed, so you can’t open it to put in a new bulb. When it dies, just recycle the hardware. But in 5 to 10 years, you’ll want a new lamp, since the kids are likely to have outgrown their dimmable bendable neck reading light (B1). Their study needs will have changed too.

The lamp comes in separate pieces so you’ll have to assemble it. It’s an easy process though. The shipping box has all the hardware you need plus a set of assembly instructions. The base attaches to the neck using a single concealed hex screw, maintaining the smooth, sleek, flawless appearance of your reading light. The neck measures 16 inches and the lamp is 21 inches in total.


Bedside Reading Light Desk Lamp for kids 1Stylish and Convenient

This reading lamp is mostly made of metal. The base and the cylindrical lampshade are aluminum while the neck has stainless steel innards with a dark brown silicone topcoat. This makes your dimmable bendable neck reading light (B1) an attractive mix of dark brown and gray they will suit the décor in any kids’ room or college dorm. The neck is flexible. It can bend and turn 360° on its base.

The cylinder that holds the bulb is movable too. It can sin 320° on its axis. This is helpful if the kids are sharing the reading light since you can turn the bulb and point it at a reflective surface to brighten to room. Your kids are sure to use this for mischief though, angling the light at their sleeping sibling or roommate. It’s still a useful feature, pranks aside. And it reduces glare.

As for positioning, you need to place your lamp within reach of a power socket, because it doesn’t have an option to use batteries. But our dimmable bendable neck reading light (B1) gives you lots of ‘legroom’. The lamp has a 2m power cord and the power plug has a 1.5m power cord so you can safely study 10 to 11 feet from your power source. But position it carefully to avoid a tripping hazard.

Still, these kid-friendly features make dimmable bendable neck reading light (B1) the perfect reading light for your kids’ study space.


  • Materials: Full metal
  • Power adapter: Included, UL listed
  • Built-in LED bulb, 200 lumens, CRI≧92
  • Bulb CCT= 4000K (daylight)
  • Lamp head: 320° rotatable
  • Flexible arm length: 16″, 360° adjustable
  • Metal stand base: 4-3/4″

Packing List:

  • 1x Flexible light
  • 1x Metal stand base
  • 1x UL listed power adapter
  • 1x Installation hardware set
  • 1x Instruction

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