10 Best Led Dimmer Switches of 2022

Where did you grow up? If you’re an urbanite, you may be not be impressed with dimmer switches. To you, they’re normal, and they’re everywhere! But if you come from a smaller town, you may have first seen a dimmer switch on TV or ‘in some rich person’s house’.

It may have seemed magical and you couldn’t wait to get one. And now you can! Dimmer switches have come a long way and are now much more accessible. Even for renters with harsh HoAs! Let’s look at ten top dimmer switches (that won’t necessarily void your lease).

The Best dimmer switch for led lights

1.Lumen Now Outdoor Dimmer Switch

Outdoor Dimmer Switch

If you’re looking to upgrade your mobile RVs, Boats, or Trucks, this Lumen Now outdoor dimmer switch is the perfect solution. The dimmer goes from 0 to 100% with no power leaching, even when the weather is humid. no buzzing, no fuss, and no flickering. It’s simple to install and you can power he switch using anything from 10V to 24V DC.The switch has a max rating of 7 amps.

Our outdoor dimmer switch is a neutral dark shade so it won’t show dirt, watermarks, or fingerprints. And the rotary knob has spiral grooves on it so it’s less likely to clog, stick, or slip when your hands aren’t pristine.

Absolute dimming. Rather than an on/off switch, this outdoor dimmer lets you adjust light levels from 0% (off) to 100%. And it’s designed to prevent battery drain.The switch itself is small and has color-coded cables with clear instructions so you can easily figure out how to wire it.

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2. Ideaplus Wifi Dimmer Switch

Wifi Dimmer Switch1

What type of dimmer switch appeals to you? The two main styles are rotary switches and button switches. Sometimes, the ideas are merged. So you may find a circular push-button switch. It mixes visual familiarity with contemporary style and convenience. This dimmer switch falls into that category and it has a lot of cool features in its own right.

The downside of dimmer buttons is they have no endpoints. With a knob, you’ll know you’ve reached the maximum (or minimum) when the dial stops turning. With a button, you could keep pressing forever. And after a while, your eyes may stop noticing the difference in light levels, so you won’t know it’s stopped adjusting. This switch solves that problem with a simple fix.

The center of the circle has an LED indicator that shows how high or low the dimmer has moved. And you can use voice commands to control the light level. This is easy because the dimmer is Ideaplus WiFi-enabled and is compatible with Google Home, Tuya, and Alexa. You can use your smartphone interface to control the switch as well. But remember, this switch is wired.

This Ideaplus dimmer switch can be wired to multiple bulbs. Its faceplate measures about 3.4 inches across and the button has a diameter of 2.48 inches. And while the green light is intended to show how far the dimmer can go, it stays on while the light is off. So you can use it as a nightlight because when the bulb is off and ‘dark’, the green LED still glows close to the base.

Press the lower section of the circle to turn the light on or off. It’s touch-sensitive so you can slide your finger up and down the LED column to brighten or dim your light. This switch works with 2.4 WiFi. It works with 220W CFLs or 220W LEDs but if you opt for tungsten bulbs, you’ll need a 330W incandescent. Voltage-wise, the switch is designed for 240V.

When you want to swap your cabled switch with a dimmer, this Lumen Now WiFi dimmer is a top choice. It links with several smartphone apps, is WiFi enabled, and doubles as a night light.Wifi Dimmer Switch

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3. WiFi Dimmer Switch

Ideaplus WiFi Dimmer Switch1

They say tradition is just peer pressure from dead people. But if you’re a fan of the conventional, this rotary dimmer switch will appeal to you. And you’ll love it more than it’s touch-sensitive sibling. Size-wise, it has the same footprint, with its 86mm faceplate. But the button itself is smaller, about 50mm in diameter. The faceplate rises 8.7mm off the wall.

Since this is a hardwired switch, you need 26mm of clearance for the switch box behind the faceplate. And rather than the LED indicator sitting on the button, it’s positioned above the dimmer dial. But since the dial has a finite start and stop point, this isn’t a flaw. Plus, the LED indicator can still serve as a nightlight to keep you from stubbing your toes in the dark.

To work the dimmer, push the dial on or off then turn it to brighten or dim. It’s compatible with Tuya, Google Home, and Alexa uses 220W CFL/LED or 300W tungsten bulbs. But if you’re using it within the US you’ll need a step-down adapter since this is a 240V dimmer.

The switch has built-in memory. And its on/off push-button function is independent of its dimming feature. Meaning when you switch it off, it will retain its current brightness setting the next time you turn it on. It’s still a wired button though, so position it close enough to the fuse box. Ideally, mount it in the same position as the initial non-dimming switch.

So maybe you like the clean, contemporary look of minimalist dimmer switches. But you still like the wrist-flick of turning a dimmer dial. In that case, this is the perfect dimmer for you.

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4. Black 12V DC Dimmer

Black 12V DC Dimmer5

Boats, RVs, and tiny houses use electricity. But they’re rarely connected to the grid unless they’re parked. So they generally draw power from the same 12V battery that powers the engine. Meaning is you want dimmer switches for your boat, truck, or caravan lights, the switch needs to be DC-compatible. This one is. It works on 12V to 24V with 30A resistance.

The dimmer has a small dial on a black faceplate. This industrial look and feel help it fit in with your cabin décor. It looks just like the other dials ad control knobs in a typical truck or boat so your aesthetics won’t be disrupted. And it’s easy to use – just turn the knob from off to on and stop at your desires brightness level. Its sturdy, Spartan design is ideal for vehicles.

This versatile dimmer switch works with multiple bulb styles including 5050 and 3528 LED strips. But it only works with one-color string lights so if you have those sequential flashing ones, you might need a different kind of dimmer. The ideal working temperature for this dark dimmer – pun intended – is -20°C to 60°C. The faceplate measures 85 x 62 x 35mm.

If you’re looking for a subtle dimmer that won’t draw too much attention to itself, this is a good model. It’s designed for vehicular use though, so it’s powered by 12 to 24V DC sources.

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5. Sturdy 8A Dimmer Switch

Sturdy 8A Dimmer Switch2

The previous car dimmer we looked at had a minimalist masculine look. But what if you want something a little more neutral? You could opt for this off-white dimmer switch. It looks smaller than the black metallic model but is about the same size at 89 x 60 x 36 mm.

And it’s made of ABS plastic. But while it can use the same type of bulbs (3528, 5050, and 5630 strip lights), its load is way lower at just 8A. As an upside, it has an external adaptor that lets you link it with an AC source. But even if you stick to vehicular use, the dimmer is versatile enough to work with 12V and 24V batteries and provide 96W worth of lighting.

Like its darker sibling, this is a one-color dimmer switch. And because it’s hardwired and analog, you need to position it carefully within reach of the circuit box. This dimmer switch has female ports plus a male adaptor port so you can link it to either type of lighting cable. But even with four ports, this is a single-color dimmer so be sure it’s the right fit for you.

When you want something subtle and sweet, opt for this 1-channel dimmer. Its cream-colored housing won’t draw unnecessary dirt or attention, and it works with both DC and AC.

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6. Concealed Mount Dimmer Switch

Concealed Mount Dimmer Switch1

Installing a dimmer switch can be easy. But depending on the type you buy, it can be complex as well. So if your electric skills are on the lower end and you don’t want to pay a pro, get the kind of switch you can install yourself. This is a good example. And because its screws and fastenings are hidden, any errors in work(wo)manship will stay safely out of sight.

This concealed dimmer switch is a hardwired version, so you need 2.36 inches of clearance behind the faceplate. But because there are no fastenings visible on the front, the switch stays modern and minimalist. It’s also easier to keep clean because there are no screw slots of threads. But the sides of the dial are textured, so it may need a little more attention.

The dimmer switch is backed with fine copper. You can press it over 10,000 times without breaking it and it’s rated for 100W and 10A. It’s a 220V to 240V switch so get a step-down converter if you’re using it in the States. The main body of the dimmer switch is made of ABS plastic. Its rotary knob has an arrow to show which way brightens and which way dims.

This dimmer switch sits on a plastic faceplate that’s 86mm by 86mm. It has a dimple to help your fingers find and turn the switch in the dark. The off-white color goes with everything.

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7. High Voltage Dimmer with Remote

High Voltage Dimmer with Remote1

Dimmers help you lower the light levels for mood or convenience. It can reduce eye strain as you study, or it can limit power bills when your pocket is tight. But what if you’re using high-powered lights? Like outdoor floodlights or indoor party fixtures? Or you intend to mount the dimmer overseas? In such scenarios, you need a high voltage dimmer like this one.

This dimmer has distinct visuals – rather than a plain round button, it has a wedge-shaped rotary dial. The dial has a raised ‘arrow’ to show the start and stop point. It can guide you on which way to turn the dial in the dark. The dimmer switch also has an LED indicator above the dial. It glows green and is an ideal guiding light at night, especially for kids and seniors.

The dimmer has a broad power range from 90V to 240V so you can use it anywhere. You don’t need a converter. And it comes with a 10m remote controller. Because the switch has an analog knob, the buttons on the remote are marked for 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%. You can also use the ‘straight up’ or ‘straight down’ buttons for express brightening and dimming.

This dimmer switch comes with a remote controller that offers added convenience and functionality. The dimmer cycles through 256 gradual increments so it’s beautifully subtle.

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8. Smart Wall Dimmer Switch

Smart Wall Dimmer Switch13

Our reviews have been a tad … one-sided. And we have a bias for round dimmer buttons. So let’s take a moment for the square ones among us … though we’ll still throw in some circles. This dimmer switch looks drastically different from the others. It’s a touch-sensitive dimmer with buttons instead of a dial. Three buttons, to be specific.

They’re pretty intuitive though – up, down, on/off, though these are represented by icons (+, -, and a light bulb). The Euro faceplate is the usual 86mm minus the rounded corners. (The American version measures 76mm by 120mm (3 inches by 4.7 inches). Its ceramic surface is both glassy and glossy so it’s easy to keep clean. It projects about 9mm off the wall for both.

The switch can handle bulbs as high as 400W for incandescents and as low as 150W for CFLs and LEDs. This long-life light switch can last up to 10,000 hours. It’s a smart switch so you can operate it from any distance via smartphone. But for physical use, the switch works with bulbs up to 30 meters away. It’s a WiFi switch, not a wireless one, so the faceplate does need a clearance of 2.36 inches in Europe or 3.25 inches in the US, depending on the version.

If you prefer shimmering surfaces and touch buttons, opt for this dimmable smart switch. It’s compatible with voice commands via Alexa or Google Home and has a timer too!

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9. Smart Dimmer Switch

Smart Dimmer Switch

Let’s look at another smart WiFi switch. The difference here isn’t just the color, but let’s start with similarities. Like its lighter cousin, this dimmer comes in a square European version or an oblong American one. Like its sibling, it has three touch-sensitive buttons marked with glow-in-the-dark icons, so it’s a good switch for a kids’ room or seniors’ corridor.

Why? Because kids may need nightlights to ward off nightmares. And grandparents losing their vision (and mobility) will love that glowing guide to the bathroom at midnight. Both these switches have step-less dimming so you can – in theory – brighten or darken the light infinitely. This dimmer version is available in black or white with the icons lined sideways.

The dimmer switch pairs best with the Smart Life app. You can voice-control it on Chrome or Android via Alexa or Google Home. The mechanics are just like dial dimmers but the touch-button is less hassle than a rotary knob. And because you handle it with a light touch, the faceplate lasts longer before it needs replacement. It has plastic inside and glass outside.

In the European version, the square faceplate measures 86mm by 86mm by 34mm and it projects 9mm from the wall. The icons aren’t enclosed in circles like the other model, but they’re horizontally aligned. You can order it in black or white, both with glossy glass fronts.

This sleek dimmer switch adds to the aesthetics and functionality of any home. It uses 2.4gHz WiFi for touch controls but its smartphone unit can work with 2, 3, 4, 0r 5G.

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10. Three-Gang Wi-Fi Dimmer Switch

Three-Gang Wi-Fi Dimmer Switch2

In the world of light fixtures, a gang is the number of switches, whether toggles, rockers, or push-buttons. So while touch-sensitive switches don’t technically have buttons, these three segmented icons might be described as gangs. It’s certainly a nice aesthetic touch and makes this dimmer stand out from all the rest we looked at. But visuals are just one deciding factor.

Why else should you buy this dimmer switch? It’s a wired switch but it connects to your WiFi at 2.4GHz. Meaning you can operate the dimmer by issuing instructions to Google Home or Alexa. The switch doesn’t need a hub – it links directly to your router and/or smartphone. It works with all dimmable bulb types – CFL, LED, incandescent, and even halogen lights.

This switch can work with both high voltage (up to 400W tungsten) and low voltage (150W for CFL and LED). You can set a timer for scheduled dimming and brightening and you can even pre-program the switch to go on or off. The switch works best with the Smart Life app.

This smart dimmer switch has a color-coded LED indicator and is built for one-way lighting links. It measures 120mm by 75mm and despite its shape, it fits standard faceplate fixtures.

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What kind of dimmer is installed on your light switches? Show us photos in the comments!

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