10 Best RV & Boat Recessed Ceiling Lights of 2022

When you’re lighting up your boat, truck cabin, tiny home, or RV, recessed ceiling lights are your best bet. They’re sometimes called can(ister), puck, or pot lights. And because they sink into the ceiling, they save space. They also prevent potential accidents from dangling cables.

This second point is key because these are motor homes with tight living space. Pendant lights, pull chains, chandeliers, or anything that swings off the ceiling is just an accident waiting to happen. So let’s check out the top ten can lights for your boat, truck, or RV.

Best 12 volt recessed lighting

1.Lumen Now RV Boat Recessed Ceiling Light

White Finish, Warm White7


The reason we named them can lights is their housing. These lights were initially encased in cylindrical upside-down ‘cans’ which were tucked (or recessed) into the ceiling. But newer recessed ceiling lights – like this model here – are slim enough for surface mounting. This gives greater flexibility in placement. You’re not disrupted by ceiling studs or attic space.

This particular downlight model works with spring clips, no screwing requires, mounting hole depth only 0.6″, cutting hole 2.4″. easily fitted instead of ordinary 3.5 inch recessed light fixture. meaning you No additional accessories are required. You can buy this recessed ceiling light in warm white or cool white.

The light has a slim ceiling profile, Measures about 70mm in diameter. You get 1920 lumens from each light, and because it’s made of aluminum alloy, it releases heat faster and is less likely to burn out or meltdown. This prompt heat dissipation does warm up the room a little. The fixture has an IP44 rating with a CRI that’s above 80.

When you want a slim ceiling light you can install in minutes, opt for this one. But be careful when laying the cable. Trunk it to avoid snagging. Or conceal it above the ceiling boards.

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2. Ideaplus Slim-Ring LED Recessed Ceiling Light – 3000K

Four-Piece Can Lights for RVs5


Pot lights often have a wide rim – it’s what gives them that distinct look. But making a slight tweak in your light fixtures can drastically alter your aesthetics. In this case, the slim 11mm ring gives your can lights a cleaner, more stylish appearance. You can order the light in warm white (3000K), natural white (4000K), or cool white (6000K) so double-check the tone.

The light is tailored for RVs and caravans so it comes with a 2m cable and works with 12V batteries. It has an inner diameter of 48mm and is 8mm (0.31 inches) thick. The case screws shut so you have to open it and align the wires during installation. This outer casing is made of aviation aluminum and the cover is translucent to reduce glare and eye strain.

This cover plate also helps to refract and diffuse your LED beam, facilitating broader illumination. And the aluminum case is thermally insulated so there’s less overheating. Each can light is fitted with a dozen 2835 LED chips. Their radial layout means they light up quicker and cool down faster. The lights give off 180 lumens and last 50,000 hours of use.

Even if you dislike can lights as a rule, you will love this one. Its ‘8mm waistline’ means you can mount it in closets, open shelves, and other slim surfaces. It’s made of 6063 aluminum.

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3. Slim-Ring LED Recessed Ceiling Light – 6000K

Color temperature can be puzzling. Especially when you’re shopping for RV recessed ceiling lights. So here’s a quick tip – 3000K is warm white light (often described as ‘yellow’ and is good for domestic use. It’s similar to …daylight on a cloudless day. 6000K light is midday-level illumination. It’s described as blue light or cool white and keeps you wider awake.

It’s why domestic lights are largely below 3000K while office lights or often blue fluorescents over 6000K. So this cool white ceiling light is best for your workspace or reading room. Avoid mounting next to the sofa or the bed. This RV light is simple to install so you can mount it as a DIY project. But there’s some wiring involved, so read the instructions first.

If you’re not a professional, you may need some electrical help because that 6m cable needs to be hidden inside your ceiling panels. The rim on this can light is narrower than normal so be careful as you cut out the hole. Be sure to position it with the wire facing down rather than sideways – as per the manufacturer. This reduces resistance and prevents overheating.

Can lights let you bring some daylight into your darkened RV cabin. This one has a PPMA diffusion plate. It refracts those rays of light creating brighter, less intense lighting arcs.

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4. Four-Piece Can Lights for RVs

Four-Piece Can Lights for RVs1

You might be the type of free spirit that enjoys asymmetry. So maybe you prefer to mix and match your fixtures. And with can lights, it’s best to use multiples, so why not consider this set of four? They’re identical slim-ring lights and you can order them in 4000K, which is the clear daylight quality of an ordinary midmorning. (around 10 or 11 am without clouds).

Spacing and positioning are important factors. And because these lights come with a long 7-foot cable and a small 59mm footprint, you can conveniently arrange them on the ceiling. This comprehensive package is perfect for the DIY lighting lover. Aside from the four can lights, you also get 6 double-sided fasteners, a dozen screws, an adapter, and a wall plug.

The wall plug has a rocker switch and US-style prongs. The lighting kit includes a remote controller as well. Each puck light contains 12 individual extra-bright LED chips. The chips (or beads) are 2835 LEDs. These are considered the most efficient LEDs on the market. They use minimal electricity so they’re kind on your car battery and last over 50,000 hours.Four-Piece Can Lights for RVs

Enjoy the quadruple power of these slim-fit slim-ring LED can lights. They’re only 8mm thick and come with a plug and a wireless remote controller. Their light level is 180 lumens each.Four-Piece Can Lights for RVs

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5. Surface Ceiling Light 21 LEDs


We’ve seen what happens when you shrink the rim on your RV recessed ceiling lights. But what if you expand it? On this puck light model, the outer ring is stretched to 1.18 inches (30.2mm). This means the lighting surface is only 1.55 inches even though the ceiling light has a 69.5mm footprint … (or … roofprint?). So be very careful how you cut and measure.

Fortunately, the limited lighting space doesn’t lower your illumination levels. To make up for the smaller surface area, this light s fitted with 21 LED chips, each encased in an individual bead. Don’t worry though – once the light is on, you can’t see the distinct globules. And the can light is still cute and compact, projecting a mere 8mm below the finished ceiling.

These 2835 beads are lighter and brighter than any other LED type and you can order the light in warm white or cool white. They provide a lighting range of 300 to 330 lumens while only using up 3W – remarkable considering it’s 21 bulbs in one. The housing is made of textured, chrome-colored aviation aluminum. Ask the seller for installation instructions.

These pretty ceiling canisters are light and bright with 21 lighting chips a piece. The cover plate is clear so you see the light beads, but they’re almost invisible once you flip the switch.

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6. Black Dome Light for Cars

Black Dome Light for Cars4Here’s the thing with humans – we can repurpose anything. And we’ll shoot videos to prove it. That means we often re-assign household appliances. So we might try to install RV lights in a saloon just to save a few cents. But instead of trying to stuff soda cans in the ceiling, buy a set of recessed lights specifically designed for cars. You can tell by the aesthetics.

In a house, office, or RV, we rarely look up unless something is seriously wrong. But with a car, that ceiling light gets attention several times an hour. So invest in something visually pleasing. This model has a glossy tapered rim, a textured cover plate, and a rocker switch. The puck light houses 46 LED chips so the mesh patterns on the cover prevent eye strain.

The mesh also helps diffuse the LED rays so they spread further around the car. The light attaches onto the roof using four screws, included in the shipping box. The puck is 12cm thick and its outer radius is 12.5cm (5 inches). The housing is a mix of metal and plastic and it has a three-wire built-in neutral. The lights only respond to a 12V car battery.

As a kid, you probably got in trouble for playing with the car’s interior light. As an adult, you’ll be doing all the playing because this puck light is so tempting to touch! Buy one!!Black Dome Light for Cars.

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7. White Dome Light for Cars

White Dome Light for Cars3

The process of installing recessed ceiling lights is more or less standard. So yes, you can install a recessed car light in the house. It’s not a good idea to do the opposite though, because your household can light might overheat and/or melt your fabric car roof. But whether it’s for the car or the condo, this white ceiling light is a pleasure and a treasure.

Its trim is silvery and its cover plate has trellis patterns on the inside. These textured grids are both visual and functioning. They make your lights more attractive, but they also disperse light and heat. This facilitates quick cooling and lets the puck light illuminate larger sections of the room. The round light measures 12.8cm including the rim and is 1.7cm deep.

It’s a 12V light so if you choose to mount it in the house, you’ll have to rewire it to a battery. Or install an AC/DC adapter before you can link it to the fuse box. The ceiling lamp emits 5W and has 46 LED beads arranged in a spiral. The actual lighting surface is 11cm across. The box includes four screws for easy mounting and need minimal clearance above the ceiling.

Ceiling lights with white trim can be a hygiene hazard. The light is high so grubby little hands can’t reach it… but the button is up there too so it helps that this glossy cover is easy to clean.

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8. Recessed Car Ceiling Light with Adjustable Trim

Recessed Car Ceiling Light with Adjustable Trim5When you’re shopping for a ceiling light, looks are important, but subtly is a bigger priority. So you may want a bulky light with pretty trim, but you’ll probably settle for a … lighter module, pun intended. One that won’t yank down your car ceiling with its decorative weight. But what if you can get both? With this LED puck light model, you can. And it’s removable!

This pot light comes in two variants – a 2.4W model and a 4.5W model. And the lights have different diameters too – 9.5cm and 11.5cm respectively. In terms of surface profile, the smaller light is 0.6cm deep while the larger light is 1.1cm. Both versions have a translucent cover plate so there’s no glare and reduced eye strain, especially while sailing or driving.

Many interior decorators and electrical experts recommend dimming your LED. But LEDs are already energy-efficient so they won’t work with normal dimmers. You need a tailored dimmer switch. With this light though, the dimmer is built-in! The trim of the puck light has a dimpled finger-notch on one side for step-less dimming. It also serves as an on/off button.

This RV recessed ceiling light is safe for boats (and bathrooms). It has a rating of IP67 and a color temperature of 3000K. Remember, this is designed as a mobile light so it’s powered by the typical 12V battery you’ll find in a car or boat. Adjust accordingly if you’re installing indoors. This may mean linking it to an old car battery or connecting to an AC/DC converter.

If you’re looking for a beautiful dimmable pot light, this is it. It’s intended for vehicular use (cars, boats, RVs, truck cabins) but you can mount it indoors as well. Even in a wet room.

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9. Dual Touch Dimmer Ceiling Light

Dual Touch Dimmer Ceiling Light1What features do you look for in a ceiling light? If you’re into mood lighting, here’s another model with a dimmer built-in. But it does more! This dimmable light has a day-mode (warm yellow flow) and a night mode (bright blue glow). And its distinct record-reel design adds that extra aesthetic touch. It’s a two-wire system so the neutral wire isn’t part of the system.

Visually, these puck lights have a glassy surface with touch-controls in the middle. It works with 12V to 30V batteries – all DC. The on-off touch button also serves as a step-less dimmer. And the light measures 100mm in diameter. In day mode, its color temperature is a cozy 3000K. It needs 3mm screws to mount it, and they’re not included in the shipping box.

These screws typically have 9mm shafts so check the ceiling for clearance before mounting. Also, this puck releases light from four shapely translucent cover plates instead of just one. This spreads the light better and is gentler on your eyes because the contrast is better controlled. The reflective cover plate also helps with cooling and light distribution.

This 400-lumen recessed ceiling light can last up to 50,000 hours and comes with two 130mm pre-wired cables. So you need to arrange for a neutral earthing wire and screws.Dual Touch Dimmer Ceiling Light

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10. Omnidirectional Recessed Ceiling Light

Omnidirectional Recessed Ceiling Light5

There’s a lot to consider before you settle on recessed ceiling lights. Things like size, trim, housing, and wattage.  Most of us want pot lights that sit flush against the ceiling. But if you want something with a little more … bulge …consider this ceiling light. The dome sends light in different directions so the illumination arc is wider and you can use fewer fixtures.

This translucent semi-sphere extends 0.7 inches from the ceiling. It has a diameter of 3 inches and is compatible with 12V to 28V batteries. This IP67 light is fully sealed and waterproof. It comes with two screws and two 40cm cables so sort the neutral separately.

The light has 12 LED beads behind a plastic translucent convex cover plate. The light quality on this ceiling lamp is bright but soft at 240 lumens and 2.4W. The color temperature is 5000K to 6000K. Both the housing and the lens are made of sturdy lightweight plastic.Omnidirectional Recessed Ceiling Light

This recessed light juts out, so some users may question its … recession. But at a little over 50g in mass, it’s conveniently sized and offers bright swathes of multidirectional light.

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