10 Best LED RV Reading Lights of 2022

RVs and Boats are the ultimate conveniences. You can drive cross-country or sail around the world without paying for motels or using Airbnb. And on more sedentary days, you can park the boat or RV and just use it as a house. Just be sure to have public utility points nearby!

But space is limited and natural light is low, even during the day. Meaning you need a reading light that’s flexible and compact. It will pull power from the engine, so it should be energy-efficient. So let’s check out the best LED reading spotlights for RV and boat living.

1. Lumen Now RV Boat LED Reading Light DC12V 24V Hard-Wired


What’s the most important factor when you need LED reading spotlights for your RV and boat? We think space matters more than anything else. You want a small, compact fixture that won’t crowd your reading space. But if your light is too small, you won’t get sufficient illumination. That’s why 3W We markets their LED reading spotlights as a pair.

These compact lights sit on a disc that measures 2.6 inches in diameter. The tip of the lampshade is only 2.9 inches in diameter and the total length of the reading light is 3.5 inches. The conical lampshade has a recessed bulb so you get a narrow spotlight with minimal glare. And the short neck swivels 360° to offer directional light and flexibility.

That swivel neck is probably the most important feature. It lets you adjust the angle of the lights so they can point directly at your book or workstation. So you’ll strain your neck (and your eyes) less. And because the lights come as a pair, you can play with their angles to create a larger or smaller arc of light. You could – for example – bounce the beam off a glossy wall.

Lumen Now reading lights have a generous lifespan of 30,000 hours. You can install them on a wall or reading desk. Choose warm 3000K yellowish light or cool white 6000K bulbs.

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2. Ideaplus Light 12V LED RV Reading Light

    Ideaplus swivel lights are nice. But if you’ve ever snapped a wire by wiggling it, you’re probably worried. You might think that swiveling neck will eventually snap. So … for your own peace of mind … consider getting a different design. Something like this 12V caravan light. You can adjust it from left to right on a 180° plane. And it’s more rugged than the prior model.

    This light comes as a single unit and it has a tiny footprint. It’s barely 3 inches long and sits on a 2.32-inch disc that’s 0.63 inches thick. The body of your reading spotlight is aluminum and it’s a 1W light so it barely dents your power bill. To ensure the light is securely mounted, it connects using 8 screws. This light is cute, compact, and simple enough to mount yourself.

    It has a red +ve and a black –ve wire with clear installation instructions. All the mounting hardware is included in the shipping box. And don’t worry, the box looks big but the light is just the right size for your tiny reading nook. Plus, if you want some DIY work but you’re not looking for anything too complicated, this LED reading spotlight is for your RV and boat.

    When you need LED reading spotlights for your RV and boat, you want something light, pun intended. This cozy model weighs 128g and gives off a warm 3000K beam so it’s a good fit.Light 12V LED RV Reading Light

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    3. Black Aluminum LED RV Reading Light

      Black never goes out of fashion. And it’s versatile enough to match any decorative theme in your boat or RV. So you’re sure to love this pair of black LED reading spotlights for RV and boat. The cylindrical bulb measures 38 mm across so it creates a bigger beam than the other lights we’ve looked at. And it’s a shorter light, measuring 90mm at its longest stretch.

      That’s roughly 3.54 inches in length. The bulb has an adjustable axis so it can point straight or turn along a 180° plane. And because the bulb is sunken so you don’t have to worry about glare or eye strain. It sits on a 34 mm shaft that’s mounted on a sturdy spherical disc. The color is simple but the casing has decorative grooves that help with heat release during use.

      The color temperature on this pair of reading lights is 6000K. And each bulb emits 3W so it’s not a power guzzler. The lights are slightly heavier than the others we’ve seen so far – roughly 150g a piece (300g for both). The housing is aluminum and the bulbs can connect to the 12V battery in your RV or boat. If your outlets are 24V, you need some kind of step-down.

      These LED reading lights are classy and convenient. You can easily mount them on the wall, desk, or headboard. Position the pair strategically so you can maximize your lighting angles.Black Aluminum LED RV Reading Light

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      4. Conical Bedside RV Reading Light

        If up can’t quite decide between plain black and glossy gray, you could always opt for this two-tone reading light. It has a gray aluminum body with black accents. Color is a key factor for these reading lights, and that’s a helpful tip. How so? Well, DIY lights often use multiple washers, and it can be tough figuring out which goes first. The color-coding helps.

        On this light, the washers are gray and gold. So you can easily follow the directions to see which one goes where. And yes, the reading light does come in plain black if you prefer that. The image looks rather large but this light is suitably sized for the tight sleeping cabins in typical boats and RVs. The base disc measures 2.3 inches and is 0.6 inches thick.

        In comparison, the lampshade is 2.5 inches long and its frontal diameter is 1.7 inches. So while this light still occupies minimal space in your cabin, it emits a larger beam than the lights we’ve looked at so far. And they come in singles, so don’t get confused when you see the lights arranged as a pair. If you want multiple pieces, you’ll have to adjust your order.

        This cute reading spotlight covers a large area of 5m2 to 10m2. Its color temperature is between 3000K and 3200K so it emits a warm yellow glow. It has 3 LED chips at 1W each.12V Interior RV Boat Camper Trailer Lighting

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        5. Dimmable Bedside RV Reading Light with USB

          The beauty of RVs and boats is they’re multifunctional. It can be a form of transport, an office, a party spot, or a sleeping nest. Meaning yes, it’s a reading light, but you’ll use it for other things too. That’s what makes this reading light so appropriate. It has one-touch dimming so you can brighten the lamp for reading or dim it to guard against nightmares.

          The dimmer is step-less so there’s no maximum or minimum and you can’t break the button. Another benefit is the elongated swivel neck. It’s flexible and bends in all directions so you can tug it closer or switch the angle to avoid straining. Plus – the disc base has a USB port so you can charge your phone or any other device without getting out of bed. Sweet!

          Let’s talk about dimensions. We’ve mentioned the stretched neck – 5.5 inches at full length. The tapered lampshade is 1.8 inches long and the base disc measures 2.3 inches across. The wiring on these lights is color-coded as well, with a red positive and a black negative. So as you install your reading light, be careful to follow the guidelines and earth it correctly.

          The flexible neck and USB jack are make these the best LED reading spotlights for RV and boat. The light uses 3W and comes with all the hardware you need, including a hex wrench.Dimmable Bedside RV Reading Light with USB Port

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          6. Slim-line RV Reading Light with Flexible Neck

            When you’re scouting LED reading lights for RV and boat, it’s obvious they should be multidirectional. After all, cabins have limited space so you don’t have as many light fixtures. So it’s ideal if you can turn and tweak the one you have, and that’s where swivel functionality comes in. But if you don’t like that stretchy textured look, you can opt for this type of neck.

            The smooth slim-line design has a clean modern look (especially compared to the vintage ‘ribbed faucet’ styling. This reading light comes in various sub-models so be sure you buy the right one. There’s a 3W version with a long, narrow lampshade. The 5W version has a shorter, wider bulb housing. But both reading lamps have sunken bulbs to reduce glare.

            This reading light has other variations. You can buy it with or without a switch, and you can select 3000K or 6000k lamps. It’s a long light with an 11-inch neck. The base and lampshade lengths vary – the 5W version has a 2.7-inch base and a 1.9-inch shade.

            Meanwhile, the 3W version has a 2.5-inch base and 2.3-inch shade. Both are beautifully balanced to avoid top-heavy sagging. The brighter lamp has 4 LED chips housed in a single lampshade. The 3W version only has room for one, but it’s bright enough to read by.

            For loves of style and light, this slim-line reading lamp is a visual pleasure. It comes in two variants with different sizing, shapes, luminosity, and beams. They’re great for kids.Slim-line RV Reading Light with Flexible Neck

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            7. Plug-in LED RV Reading Light

              What’s the big deal about LED lamps? Is it just a buzzword? LEDs lower your carbon footprint and your power bill. They’re also much smaller than other bulb types. This makes the ideal reading lights for RVs, boats, trucks, and other portable sleepers. Their size adds to their aesthetics as well, since that tininess offers additional versatility in design and layout.

              Meaning if you want a conventional reading lamp that you can plug in and more around, LED is the way to go. And with this lamp, you can opt for a US plug or an EU plug depending on where you plan to use it. Be careful with positioning though – it needs to have access to the socket. The reading light has a 3W bulb and comes in black, white, or silver.

              The bulb is housed in a cylindrical lampshade and the neck is flexible. The black and grey versions have ribbed spring necks while the white model has a smooth slim-line neck. All three models have a 70.8-inch power cable so factor that in as you locate your light. These lights have a color temperature of 3000K, which the typical brightness of a cloudless day.

              Built-in lights are cool for boats and RVs. Orou can say this led is gooseneck led Workshop Working Lamp Silver Black magnetic industrial lamp.But if you prefer something with a plug, opt for this 4oooK reading light. The flexible neck and recessed bulb are useful for avoiding eye strain.Plug-in LED RV Reading Light

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              8. Adjustable Low-Neck Caravan Light

                What your must-have feature in LED reading lights for boats and RV? A lot of us like those long, swinging necks. But if you don’t like them undulating around the cabin, pick something like this. It has a squat, rigid neck so it won’t get in the way. And with this version, you can still achieve a 180° swivel because the bulb axis goes left to right. Position it carefully though.

                Why? Because the 180° only goes one way. So depending on where you place your light, it will point up and down or side to side. Mount it in an orientation that best fits your reading needs. The total length of this LED reading light is 5.8-inches, neck-inclusive. The disc base is thicker to support the neck and the sunken 1W bulb. These 12V lights are sold in pairs.

                You can order the bulbs in warm yellow or cool white. The housing is brushed aluminum with a semi-glossy gray hue. Each reading lamp has a single LED chip so they’re good at conserving energy. But they’re just as bright and rarely get hot so they’re perfect for dim cabins that have no natural lighting. Plus, their compact sizing is suitable for small spaces.

                If you don’t like to see things dangling in your cabin (or if you have kids and pets that might tug the cable), this light is a good selection. The base disc has a diameter of 2.56 inches.Adjustable Low-Neck Caravan Light

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                9. Dual Mode Marine Light

                  Puck lights are more-or-less standard selections for RVs and boats. But if that thick base doesn’t appeal to you, buy this version. At 0.39 inches, its base is about half the usual depth. The diameter is smaller as well – 1.69 inches across. Visually, this light is striking with its shiny cylindrical lampshade and its dimpled lamp lens. It can light up to 3 square meters.

                  If you look at the sides of the light, you’ll see two stripes or grooves. They’re not just for aesthetics. If you touch the stripes, you’ll switch on the blue nightlight, which is one of the coolest features on this reading lamp. Tap it once to turn on the regular reading light and long-press to activate the nightlight. Tap a third time to put the lights off. Super simple!

                  This does mean you have to position the reading light perfectly – it has to be within convenient reach so you can tap the touch-light without straining your arms. Especially if you’re reading in bed. The lampshade is 2.28 inches long and 1.06 inches across. The neck of the light is 1.18 inches. It can turn 90° and swivel 360 so it’s a fairly flexible reading light.

                  This reading light has a touch light with two modes (day and night). It comes with a hex key for easy installation and works with both 12V and 24V motors.Genuine Marine Dual Mode Marine Light

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                  10. Headboard RV Reading Light with USB

                    We’ve all done it. Reading in bed and groaning as your phone charge starts to die. Now you have to sit at a weird angle to let your phone charge. And you can’t roll over, adjust yourself, or get comfier until your phone gets enough charge. You can easily solve the problem with this LED reading light for RV and boat. The convenient USB socket is a true treasure.

                    The light mounts directly on your headboard, though you can also mount it over a designated study area or workstation. And not all versions have USB so be sure to order the right one. The lamp has a step-less dimmer switch and a squat neck. The neck doesn’t move but the cylindrical lampshade turns 90° up and down. It also spins 360° on its 34mm axis.

                    Of all the lights we’ve seen so far, this one has the most unique silhouette. The lower half of its sconce is glossy aluminum while the top half is a glassy translucent case. It’s a dual-mode light. Touch the button once to turn on the nightlight a tiny ring that glows blue around the button. Tap the button again to activate the reading light. Long-press to dim or brighten.

                    This pretty puck light has two modes and a single operating. Its unusual aesthetics will make it the centerpiece of your boat or RV. It only uses 3W and you can get white or yellow bulbs.Headboard RV Reading Light with USB

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                    What type of Reading light are installed in your RV house? Show us some photos in the comments – we’d love to see your set-up and share some yourself ideas …

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