Lighting Understanding for a More Efficient Nation


LUMEN is an ad hoc consortium of organizations and professionals united to facilitate consumer educated energy-efficient lighting decisions.

LUMEN members can answer questions about the lighting transition, including clarifications about:

  • Energy-efficient lighting choices
  • How you can best choose a bulb
  • What lumens are and how they are different than watts
  • What you can expect to see on the new labels
  • What to expect from new lighting aesthetics
  • How your pocketbook is impacted by the transition

Press Release

Broad-Based LUMEN Coalition Unveils New Website to ‘Enlighten’ Consumers about Energy-Efficient Lighting
Consumers Can Enjoy More Bulb Choices, More Energy Bill Savings

Press Conference

Press conference program

Press conference speaker’s biographies

LUMEN lighting makeover displays:

LUMEN Coalition one-pager (updated October 2011) one-pager


LUMEN lighting makeover and press conference

Video (mpeg4) HD Video (550 mb)

Sound bites and BRoll from the LUMEN press conference and makeover.

(Anyone can use the files that include speaker clips with pad and raw video)

Learn about the lighting makeover
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Energy-efficient light bulb appearances
Video (mpeg4) HD Video (355 mb)

Energy efficiency savings
Video (mpeg4) HD Video (441 mb)

Is there a ‘bulb ban?’
Video (mpeg4) HD Video (210 mb)

Lighting resource:
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7 min. piece including all categories
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‘Excerpts from Experts’ Video

Media Inquiries